AstroCurrents for January 2008 - Part Two: Focus on Prosperity, Strengthening Relationships, Synchronicity, Transformation, and Mercury Retrograde

The Astrological events listed below will affect us all, regardless of your sign.

“True progress comes not through action, but through awakening.”
--Alan Cohen

January 20 Sun enters Aquarius at 8:44 am until 2/18/08

While the Sun is in Aquarius you are invited to get somewhat detached allowing you to view things from fresh, new perspectives. You are drawn to make connections with your friends, neighbors and communities. Answers and solutions to problems or long-standing issues can come from out of nowhere now.

Aquarius Monthly Transit Talk (MTT) gives information for all signs as to what to expect from the influx of Aquarius energy at this time and for the next 30 days:

Click here > Characteristics of Aquarius

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”
--Jim Rohn

January 21 Jupiter trine Saturn at 1:15 am PST (7°36’ Capricorn/Virgo) [These influences will be in affect for several days before and after this date].

During this time you can expect your ability to focus to be better than usual. This is a very earthy, grounded energy--one that can help you to get centered and stay on task. These influences can also assist you in being realistic about what must be done in order to achieve a desired goal.

The energies now indicate increased prosperity and abundance that comes as a result of perseverance and persistence. This trine can bring opportunities regarding work and career as well as increase your resources. (How this combo affects your own chart will determine how strongly you will feel this personally.)

To avail yourself to this benevolent aspect:

  • Know what you want. Have a plan.
  • Be patient and stick to what is before you. Perseverance is a must to make the gains possible now.
  • Stay focused on what is essential, eliminating or delegating what is unnecessary and or distracting you.
  • Think in terms of quality, not quantity.
  • Take responsibility for your part and do it.
  • Know that the resources you need may well be close at hand. Check nearby before spending time or money on something you need in order to accomplish your task or project.
  • Personal integrity and honesty are keys to accessing the gifts available at this time.

NOTE: These two planets will be making this same aspect again from September through November later this year and so it may be that those things you plan for, begin or put energy into now, will either come into play or bear fruit at that time. Remember: be patience and think in terms of the big picture. And with Saturn retrograde now, it is most important to pay careful attention to details as they may hold the keys to ultimate success.

January 22 Full Moon at 5:35 am PST (1°54’ Aquarius/Leo)

This very social full moon brings your attention to friends, gatherings and enjoying the company of others. The energies now enhance your desire to find ways to express yourself creatively. Finding your own unique offering and way to contribute is emphasized and is a key to utilizing these energies in a positive way.

Mercury is conjunct Neptune today as well, which generates the feeling that something special could happen at any time. You will find that your imagination and/or intuition are quite active now. Messages and insights can come from any place, so be on the lookout. And pay attention to unusual and/or synchronistic occurrences, as they may be important as time goes on. Dreams could also offer guidance, insights or bring with them important clues as to what is going on or coming your way.

January 24 Venus enters Capricorn at 12:06 am PST until 2/17/08

While this may not be the most romantic placement for Venus, it is great for strengthening commitments and bringing new levels of integrity and honesty into personal relationships. Being realistic about who your partner is and not expecting him or her to be perfect will help to make best use of this placement as it increases your connection in ways that bring a greater sense of maturity, commitment and security to your relationships.

This is also a great place for Venus as far as work, career and finances are concerned. Venus is called “the minor benefactor” and can bring with it material gifts and increased resources. This is especially true if you have been working hard towards some goal—now may be pay off time. Be diligent, realistic and grateful for what is now yours, and this may be a most rewarding time.

January 25 Pluto enters Capricorn at 7:44 pm PST until 6/13/08

Since Pluto stays in one sign for many years, this is a rare and significant event. The impact of this change of signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn will be felt in subtle, yet far-reaching ways and at many levels including personally, culturally, economically, politically and globally. This event is a strong indicator that great changes will come in the months and years ahead. How it will be impacting you directly is indicated by where this is occurring in your natal chart and what aspects it is making and a reading will bring greater clarity to this.

Pluto is called “The Great Transformer” because of its ability to affect the deep stratus of our being with experiences, realizations and insights that change who we are and how we perceive life.

Pluto can be thought of as a warrior who activates this process of transformation by bringing light to the dark and hidden places of your psyche. This process, while not usually easy or comfortable, is what ultimately helps us to grow and evolve. Many are already feeling the shift at hand, and in fact this is true as the beginnings of this influence have been in effect for a few weeks, even months.

Since Pluto is entering Capricorn, it is in the areas that this sign rules that are most likely to change (for everyone).

Below are some keys to working with the new energy that Pluto is ushering in and some additional things to consider.

To summarize, these are:

  • work and career
  • your position and standing in the world, your reputation
  • how you are recognized, seen and known by others
  • rewards from past efforts
  • your morals, ethics, standards, and beliefs
  • what you name as the basic structure and format of your life (could include family, friends, community, religion affiliation, even hobbies or any pastime that you personally identify with).
  • Stay open to new feelings or experiences that while they may be uncomfortable or unusual, could reveal things that have kept you in a holding pattern in some area of your life
  • Allow the death of the old as this will keep the doors open to regeneration and renewal. Again, think of this in relation to the areas mentioned above as well as where you notice changes beginning to occur at deep levels.

Keywords, phrases and questions that apply and that may trigger or activate what it is that you are beginning to feel are:

  • power and empowerment
  • secrets and those things hidden from view
  • compulsions and addictions
  • what runs you that you may not be aware of or that you choose to ignore

Questions to consider:

  • what strengths do you have that you are not using?
  • do you have resources you are not availing yourself to?
  • what would revitalize you at a deep level?
  • what would you do if you were unafraid?

Capricorn also rules corporations, politics, government, organized religion and big business. Hence, these are all places that we can expect radical changes and transformations to occur during the next few years. While Pluto is in Capricorn, it is likely that these institutions will be held to far greater accountability than in the past, as many injustices, scandals and wrong doings will come to the surface.

January 28 Mercury stations retrograde at 12:30 pm PST (23° 52’ Aquarius) until 2/18/08

This is the first of three Mercury retrograde periods for 2008. As always, it is advised to make important communications and connections prior to it going retrograde today if possible. Also, this is not considered to be a great time to enter into new agreements or sign contracts while retrograde, and so if you can wait, it is advised to do so. The few days surrounding the actual station are often somewhat chaotic and can be filled with lots to do, some not planned for! And since this placement has a lot to do with the internet and computers, there may be some problems in association with that. In fact, it would be good to back up your computer before it stations!

It is important during this time to make certain you are communicating your ideas, thoughts and feelings clearly, and to that end, to also listen carefully. Misunderstandings can abound now and these two things alone can avert many of them.

This is a good time to revisit the “big picture” and your long-range plans. Reflection on where you are and where you want to go can produce some wonderful insights at this time. Discussing these things with your friends and peers can be especially helpful and give you just the perspective and inspiration you need. Write these things down, as it is only too easy to let key information and ideas slip through your mental fingers now.

January 30 Mars stations direct at 2:33 pm PST (24° 04’ Gemini)

During this station of Mars, and for the week or so before and after, you can expect for things to get pretty crazy and hectic. Your schedules and plans could get thrown off, and staying focused will be a challenge. You will likely be mentally active and perhaps overwhelmed with all there is to do. And with Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, having just gone retrograde…well, this bodes to be a rather chaotic and challenging few days.

Gemini being the sign that rules verbal and written communications, and Mars being the great activator and catalyst that it is, almost assures that your phones will be ringing, your email in-box full and your to do lists extra long. This is a busy time where you may feel as though you will never get caught up. One of the problems is that distractions and diversions come in hourly, making it difficult to really stay focused on the task before you.

All this said, this is a great time to tackle such tasks as clearing the paper off your desk, de-cluttering, editing, and doing those things that ultimately result in more order and greater efficiency. As the days go on, you may be amazed at what actually got accomplished during this time.

“Speak when you’re angry, and you'll give the best speech you'll every regret.”--
Lawerence J. Peter

Also to be aware of during this time is that some of you may feel especially frustrated or easily riled during this station. Do be careful not to express yourself while you are angry, or while you are in a reactive mode. (Deep breaths and a short walk can do wonders now.) That said, it could be that there are things that have been held in a long time and simply must be expressed. If you find yourself feeling this way, just be certain that your intention is not to be hurtful or retaliate, but rather to clear the air so that you can move forward with understanding and a greater sense of peace between you.

Blessings and Light to you during this most interesting time.

Elizabeth Jones

Looking ahead to February AstroCurrents, here are some of the events I will be discussing:

  • February 6 New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 7:44 pm PST at 17?44’ Aquarius
  • February 17 Venus enters Aquarius until 3/12
  • February 18 Mercury stations direct at8° 19’ Aquarius until 5/26
  • February 18 Sun enters Pisces at 10:49 pm PST
  • February 20 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 1° 53’ Virgo at 7:30 pm PST

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