Monthly Transit Talk™ MTT™ For Pisces Characteristics Brings Opportunity to Let Go and Develop our Intuition and Sensitivity

By Elizabeth Jones

This month's Sign: Pisces

Date & Time of Suns Entry: February 18th, 2008 @ 10:50 pm PST, 11:50 pm MST, and on the 19th at 12:50 am CST and 1:50 am EST

Type: Mutable, Water Sign

Planetary Ruler: Neptune

Areas of Body Ruled: The feet

Key Phrase: I believe and thus transcend

Symbols: Two fish swimming in opposite directions

Tarot Cards: The Hanged Man and the Page of Cups

Other things ruled by Pisces, and that may get your attention during this time, are your imagination, visions, creativity, fantasy, illusion, myths, intuition and dreams. Also, the ocean, hospitals, institutions, prisons (or that which you allow to imprison you), addictions, your blind spots, guilt, retreats, past lives that affect you this lifetime (past life "bleed-overs"), inter-dimensional shifts, religion and service. Any of these may be of particular focus during this time (2/19 until 3/20).

This information is for all signs of the Zodiac. Whatever is going on in the skies astrologically affects us all because whatever is going on in the skies Astrologically affects us all, all of the time. Two is that we each have all twelve signs somewhere in our natal chart and so the current focus on the sign of Pisces activates that area.


Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac (Aries being the first, Taurus the second, etc.). It is here that we complete our yearly Astrological sojourn. We are drawn to turn our focus within, seeking to feel our connection to Source. Since Pisces rules what is leftover from our previous journey, areas that are incomplete from the previous year may come up for a final review and then release. This is necessary to prepare for the new cycle beginning at the Spring Equinox (March 20th). This process has a dissolving quality to it and requires letting go of what is in the way of us moving into this next phase.

Some are better equipped to deal with this process of letting go and dissolving than others. The more we hang on to or resist the subtle, yet natural, shifts taking place around and in us, the more it can bring up fears, confusion and disorientation. You may find yourselves asking questions such as:

  • Where am I heading?
  • What will happen to me if the plans I've made fall apart and dissolve?
  • What can I really count on?
  • What will keep me safe and feeling secure?

It is helpful to keep in mind that this is not an unnatural process, but rather one that must occur occasionally to keep us all in touch with the new energies that naturally emerge in life. As you resist less and let go, you will find yourself able to get excited about what is coming!

As the shift from one cycle to the next takes place, it can feel somewhat disorienting and chaotic. You may feel more open, impressionable, vulnerable and sensitive than usual. The “veils are thin” now, meaning the boundaries between yourself and others are not as clear. Thus, it can be easy to be a “physic sponge”, picking up energies, positive or negative, that are around. (A wonderful, and very effective, way of dealing with this is to call on the Light and ask for guidance and protection. It may also be helpful to remind yourself that you are merging with what is really deeply familiar and loving.)

Below are some possible challenges you may face now, and some ideas as to how to best deal with them. Also given are ways to best use and thus enhance the energies present during this month.


During this time of Pisces, there are things we all need to watch out for:

  • Avoid being deceptive or conversely, easily deceived or gullible.
  • Be extra clear with others, as misunderstandings are common during this time.
  • Feeling spacey or ungrounded.
  • Getting side-tracked, feeling chaotic or easily confused.
  • Feeling tired or weary.
  • Feeling self-pity, helpless, a victim or sorry for yourself.
  • Feeling hypersensitive, moody or melancholy.
  • Trying to escape by misusing alcohol or drugs or some other form of additive behavior.

NOTE: If your chart so indicates, any of these may be life issues, and emerge or present themselves more strongly during this time. A reading will give insights and clarity about this.


Try to view things from fresh and different perspectives. Put off communications, making agreements or activities that require being particularly sharp and focused until you feel ready and clear. Go for walks near water (and also drink plenty of water). Get plenty of sleep, as it is common to need more rest during this time. Spend time alone in reflection, prayer or mediation. Stay open to your intuition and dreams for messages and guidance. Allow yourself to be inspired. Make an extra effort to be compassionate, practice kindness and to be tolerant. Try to understand those who are different than you. Go with the flow, surrender more, forgive, release. Let go and let God. Ask for guidance, renewal and faith, knowing that you will receive just when you need.


Our spiritual focus now is:

  • To release that which is ready to leave and then open to the next phase of your path,
  • Trusting that you will be taken care of.
  • To allow the increased sensitivity you feel during this time to open you compassionately.
  • Remember: you can listen a person’s Soul into existence.


  1. As I prepare for the new cycle, I release that which no longer serves my highest path.
  2. I am open to assistance from my Guides, Teachers, and Angels as I complete one phase and enter the next.
  3. I ask to be shown my part in helping and assisting others.

Colors to enhance Pisces energies are lavender, sea-greens, silvery tones and those that remind you of the ocean. Use these to enhance your meditation and creative process. Wear them, visualize them or be creative and find your own way to bring them into your world.


Amethyst: Called the "Spiritual Stone" as it opens the channels to our higher self. Excellent to hold during meditation as it assists us in relaxing and calming our mind. Place near your bed to ease nightmares (works for children, too!) Perhaps the best stone for helping in neutralizing anger. Can also be a help when feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Purple Flourite: Purple Flourite can assist us in accessing the higher realms and other dimensions. It helps an over-mental state rest and surrender to a higher order. Excellent for increasing an awareness of devotion, surrender to the Divine and for meditation. Also good for helping with anxiety.

Simple ways to work with crystals: Wear them as jewelry. Put them next to your bed or under your pillow while you sleep. Meditate with them. Carry them in your pocket. Put Amethyst in your drinking water. Give one to a friend!

For more information about Mt. Shasta, California, astrologer Elizabeth Jones, visit her website at, or you can easily reach her at Her phone number is 530-926-1999.


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