Monthly Transit Talks (MTT) for Capricorn Characteristics

By Elizabeth Jones

This month's Sign: Capricorn

Date & Time of Suns Entry: December 21st, 2007 at 10:08 pm PST, 11:08 pm MST, and on the 22nd at 12:08 am CST, 1:08 am EST

Type: Cardinal Earth sign

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Areas of Body Ruled: Skeleton, knees and skin

Key Phrase: I use and therefore achieve

Symbols: The mountain goat

This information is for all signs of the Zodiac. Whatever is going on in the skies Astrologically affects us all, all of the time. Below is information regarding how the current emphasis on Capricorn may affect you personally and ways to work with this influence.


Capricorn rules how we relate to the physical plane. It directly addresses our willingness, capacity and natural wherewithal to show up to our life and own and utilize the abilities and talents we've been given. It also rules how we deal with our responsibilities~both karmic and everyday. If your chart is well aspected by Saturn and its ruling sign, Capricorn, then it is likely that you relate well to the laws and rules that govern the physical plane and our society. You probably keep your word and agreements and you naturally come from honesty and integrity. You may well be conscientious, loyal, determined, persistent, organized and/or thorough.

It is interesting that the sign of Capricorn follows the sign of Sagittarius, since Sag rules freedom and independence. Yet right on its heels is the sign that is the Keeper of the Rule Book of Life. Perhaps the message here is that what truly maintains our freedom is this willingness to work within certain rules and laws. There are many such rules that because we comply with them, we are afforded certain freedoms. And the influences of Saturn and the sign of Capricorn are here to remind us of these rules that essentially hold life together. And in fact, they rule the basic structures and forms of life, such as the skeleton of the body, the foundations of a building and the roots of our heritage. And if we didn't have these things, order would dissipate and chaos would ensue.

Yet these very patterns can become too rigid and then entrenched into our lives, thus the need to occasionally do a reality check, if you will, to see if we need to break up some of these patterns or habits or even belief systems.

During this time that Capricorn seek to find the balance between honoring the "rules" while not becoming a slave to them.


If this part of your chart is "afflicted", either at birth or by transit, (an Astrology reading could advise you on this) you will need to work on the above areas. Other things to consider are listed below. Indications of Capricorn challenges (either at birth or by transit, whether you're a Capricorn or not):

  • Issues around being present in a responsible way to your life and/or keeping your agreements.
  • Staying with projects through completion. Procrastination, then rushing at the last moment.
  • Problems staying focused and feeling scattered.
  • Often late to appointments or missing deadlines.
  • Being too rigid and unyielding.
  • Feeling isolated and alone, or "against the wall" or trapped.
  • Though you may know what you want, you may feel at a loss as to how to create it.
  • You may also feel that life isn't fair or have feelings of deep weariness.

If you relate to any of these, they are indications that Saturn, or the sign of Capricorn, are in some way "afflicted" in your natal chart or by transit. If you feel you are challenged by Saturn or the sign of Capricorn it is important to see what is directly within your control. Such as what you eat, how you take care of your body and how you react to your life. ("Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it".)


It is most helpful to realize that working with Saturn in a positive way is really just understanding and abiding by the rules. It is then that we are able to manifest what we want, if it is in our highest good. Here are some other ideas for how to best work with the energies of this sign:

  • Use the wisdom that this sign offers, as it resides in each of us and is more accessible at this time.
  • Seek to understand the reasoning behind any given "rule" or commitment as once you do so, it will increase your level of willingness in complying and honoring them (this will also offer you clues as to when it is time to leave behind those things that have become entrenched and no longer truly support you).
  • Know that we all have an inherent resistance to change to one degree or another. Simply acknowledge this yet do not let it be the only voice you listen to!
  • * Saturn will be retrograde until 5/2/08 and so now is a perfect time for reflection, re-thinking and then redefining as you examine your true motives and basis for the structure of your life, your goals, commitments and what you call your "shoulds" or "must-dos".
  • It might be helpful to consider that changes made now (through January) have a better chance of really taking hold and then becoming a part of your new regimes.
  • Seeking out those wiser and more experienced than you can be of great assistance now.
  • Take simple and basic approaches to dealing with problems.
  • Time spent alone in reflection may also offer the guidance needed at this time.

Remember that as you are reprioritizing the basic structure of your life, it this takes time, persistence and patience! And so the challenges now are to revisit the beliefs and decisions that make up your personal set of rules that you have come to live by. Hold onto the ones that still work for you and choose to let go of the ones that no longer do.

Colors to enhance Capricorn energies: Colors to work with are royal shades of purple, blue and red. These will enhance your ability to access the energies of this powerful and dynamic sign. Wear them, visualize them, or do something creative using them!


Every sign has a higher, or more spiritual, vibration that if we tune into can help us during the time of its increased Capricorn influence (12/21/07 to 1/20/08). Here are some things to think about with regard to this:

  • To realize that we are in charge of creating our reality to the degree that our thoughts and our will are in alignment with Higher will.
  • To also consciously direct our will to align with the natural laws of karma and accountability.
  • To release blame and accept responsibility for our life.
  • This process is one of "spiritual maturing" and will bring a sense of order and purpose to our lives. This being the sign associated with the birth of Jesus reminds us that humility and compassion are keys to learning these lessons.


  • I am aligned with my highest will and thereby create order and peace naturally.
  • I release my struggle with life.
  • I accept compassion and gentleness as Divine aspects of my being.
  • I choose to manifest consciously.


Pyrite: Pyrite is excellent for assisting us in getting grounded and keeping focused. It helps to calm the mental body, bringing it into alignment with our physical body. Pyrite encourages us to be practical and not get caught up in glamour. It helps us to realize the natural abundance that is our birthright.

Tabular Crystals: Tabbies, as they are commonly called, are (usually) clear quartz crystals that have two sides that are larger than the others. This makes them rather "flat" or thin. They operate at a different vibration than other crystals, assisting us to bridge from one place or point in our lives to another. They are powerful tools during life transitions and major shifts. They can help to bridge us to teachers at other levels. If you are attracted to tabbies, it is a sign that you are ready to go to the "next level".

Smoky Quartz: Helps to build a foundation of Light by bringing the Light to the first chakra. Great for feeling overwhelmed, fatigued or stressed. Increases our power to create our dreams on Earth.

Simple ways to work with crystals: Wear them. Put them next to your bed or under your pillow while you sleep. Meditate with them. Carry them in your pocket. Put quartz or rose quartz in your drinking water. Give one to a friend!

Copyright, 2007, written by Elizabeth Jones. All rights reserved. If you feel so inspired, feel free to forward this webpage article onto others, but please do so without change or alteration.


For more information about Mt. Shasta, California, astrologer Elizabeth Jones, visit her website at, or you can easily reach her at Her phone number is 530-926-1999.


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