Monthly Transit Talk (MMT) Sagittarius Traits

By Elizabeth Jones

This month’s Sign: Sagittarius

Date & Time of Suns Entry: November 22nd, 2007 at 8:50 am PST, 9:50 am MST, 10:50 am CST and 11:50 am EST. NOTE: The extra emphasis on Sagittarius and Sagittarius issues will remain until the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st.

Type: Fire Mutable Sign

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Areas of Body Ruled: Hips and thighs

Key Phrase: I perceive with new eyes and now understand

Symbols: The Centaur (bottom half of a horse and top half of a man)

This information is for all signs of the Zodiac. Whatever is going on in the skies Astrologically affects us all, all of the time. Below is information regarding how the current emphasis on Sagittarius may affect you personally and ways to work with this influence.


Sagittarius is the sign that brings with it optimism, renewed hope, openings for understand higher truths and a strong sense of justice into our awareness. When its energies are prominent in the skies, as they are now, we are better able to expand our perspective and think independently and thus grow and evolve. Seeing and understanding another’s point of view can be easier now.

During the time of Sagittarius, we are invited to reach beyond our current frame of reference and open to new ideas and possibilities. It is only by doing this that we can experience real and meaningful shifts in our lives. There are energies available now that assist us in feeling more optimistic and to see what is good and hopeful in our life, even though we may be faced with challenges and difficulties.

We exist in a dynamic and continually changing reality. When we resist this, usually because of ignorance, habit or fear, our lives can get stagnant and we feel stuck. Embracing change is not an easy thing to do when it requires that we leave behind long-held beliefs, philosophies or ways of being. And yet, in order to grow and evolve, we must.

The ideal astrological antidote for this is the influence of Sagittarius. Under its expansive influences, it is generally easier (than at other times of the year) to open to life’s renewing and positive influences. We can, by allowing in new perceptions and opening our minds and hearts, regain hope and begin to have a renewed trust in life and our place in it. This sets in motion very powerful healing energies that connect us to the life force.

This is especially true this year as Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is conjunct Pluto, the planet of deep change and transformation in the sign of Sagittarius. This is an extremely rare event (it won’t happen again for centuries).

Under this influence, the doors open to genuine and lasting change by revealing whatever blocks real healing or that sabotages real progress and growth. Allow yourself to do some investigating and exploring of your deeper psyche, as well as the habits and patterns that keep you in a cycle of getting the same things in your life. This process (especially under these celestial energies) will reveal to you your deepest truths and your natural gifts~perhaps even a lost treasure will be found!

This process can help you in restoring your hope and optimism, for the rich and expanded energies of Jupiter are indeed a wonderful balm and salve for a weary Soul. And Pluto’s influence will help this to be a deep, rich experience that could truly make a difference in your life. This influence will be available to us through the 3rd week of December.

Sagittarius has its challenges and issues, as do all signs. We are all likely to feel them from time to time, and especially now, whether you are a Sagittarius or no). These bring us the challenges and lessons we need so that we are prompted to grow and evolve. Note: resistance or denial to these lessons will only increase their degree of difficulty!

Also ruled by Sagittarius: Travel, foreign lands and cultures, higher education and truth, publishing, ceremony and ritual. Any of these may get your focus during this time.


Every sign has its lower expressions. These play out largely to the degree that we are either resistant to or in denial of the lessons associated to each sign. The following are things we may experience now if we are not willing to become aware of and work with the lessons that Sagittarius’s influences offers us all.

What we need to be careful of now is inaction based on thinking that everything will be taken care of. In other words: laziness, apathy or excessive idleness. With so many things coming at us at once, it can seem easier at times to just lay back and take no real productive action. Or if what you are facing is problematic, to go into denial, pretending it will all go away if you shut your eyes tight enough. However, while it is important to not over commit now, it is just as important to find out what you really feel is “yours to do” and to give it your best effort.

Also during this time, we must beware of being extravagant in any way. Under the influence of this month’s sign, it is especially easy to overdo. This may be over spend, over eat or over indulge in any way. Another challenge now is to be careful of not being tactless (I call this open-mouth-insert-foot-itis). It is tempting to just say whatever is on your mind, without being too concerned about how another is going to take your (brutal?) honesty. So do try to keep your opinions to yourself, unless they were asked for or you are certain they will be appreciated.

And lastly, it is advised to avoid being dogmatic or judgmental during this time. Sometimes, there can be a superiority complex that comes through the Sagittarius vibration. A little humility goes a long way now.

“If one thinks that one is happy, that is enough to be happy.”
--Madame de La Fayette, writer


Much of what you experience will be largely defendant upon your own attitude and how you look at the events that are occurring in your life at this time. Challenges will surely abound during this time, but so will opportunities. I suggest that you not jump to judge the events taking place and allow things to unfold around you before you decide if something that is happening is "good" or "bad". Also, make an extra effort to view things as "happening for you, not too you". Perspective is everything.

(If some of these are recurring issues in your life, it is most likely that your natal chart has afflictions in Sagittarius or involving Jupiter. A reading will determine this and give you greater clarity as to how to deal with them).

Ways to work with and enhance this months energies are:

  • Strive to see the bigger picture and long-range view.
  • Listen to another's point of view or perspective.
  • Stay open to new opportunities.
  • See beyond what is so in the present.
  • Spend time in open spaces (both inside and out).
  • Believe there is an answer and a way through even if you can’t see it at the time.
  • Meditate on “I am unlimited and spacious.”


The colors to enhance and work with now are purples & deep blues as they can help to open us to access the higher wisdom of Sagittarius. Sky blue opens us to the clarity that a higher perspective can offer. Rainbows help remind us of the hope and joy available to us by staying spontaneous, open, optimistic and flexible, all qualities that are enhanced by Sagittarius.


To access optimism and to understand the part it plays in our life. To see beyond our existing boundaries, especially in the mental realms. To open ourselves to our higher vision for our life and our planet. To see that all life is connected and we are a part of that.


  • I trust life and know that I am a part of it.
  • I am open to renewal by allowing old beliefs to fall away.
  • I connect to the vastness of my being.
  • I am unlimited and free and allow others their freedom.


Fluorite: Called "The Genius Stone" as it helps us to access higher information. Assists us to sort out priorities and create order. Helps to develop the intuitive for the overly mental. Colors have different energies: Clear-purity and oneness; Yellow-wisdom and understanding; Purple-devotion and surrender; Blue-serenity and peace; Green-healing and new beginnings.

Clusters: Clusters are crystals that have several points with a common base. Most are clear quartz or amethyst. These assist us in finding essential truths in what seems complicated or confusing. Having them around can help keep us aware of our common bond to all things, in all realities. You can clear other crystals by placing them on a cluster.

Simple ways to work with crystals: Wear them. Put them next to your bed or under your pillow while you sleep. Meditate with them. Carry them in your pocket. Put quartz or rose quartz in your drinking water. Give one to a friend!

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