Writing From the Heart: "Listening to what is said instead of how it is said"

By Rhia

Today's world is exceedingly different from the world which we grew up. Not only is it more difficult to achieve academically but in addition, it has become next to impossible to support yourself and your family if you don't.

The pearls of wisdom the spirit may have given you to share, falls upon deaf ears if it is not written or spoken in the correct format with proper English applied. Basically stated, people are no longer listening to what you say but instead how you are saying it. They read across your words while trying to impose proper English, verbalism, and sentence structure while totally missing the message it imparted.

The days of a Divine spiritual message being imparted are over unless it obtains a Flesch-Kincaid of 12 or over. It is surprising that numerous sticklers of the English format have not submitted the bible into editing.

"Rhia's Corner" has become acknowledged in many areas for its ability to talk to people one on one heart to heart. I share with all who chooses to hear, the knowledge, which has been shared with me through out my years. I always feel blessed when someone tells me that it has helped him or her in life. Yet it saddens me to know there are some publications that will not publish my column because "They are not into editing." They are in essence, denying many people the right to listen to what spirit has shared with me since I do not expend hours sorting through editing for proper English before I speak or write.

This column is a condensed version of various chapters I have written, where my audience is principally from the metaphysical communities. Our goals within this community are to respect everyone's right to their own belief system. We do not belittle others for their speech, accent, educational background, regional accents or lifestyles. Today, hordes of refer to karma and profess to be within our folds only to become judgmental and harsh when others do not meet their criteria of noteworthy writing. Had these literary critics been present at the writing of the bible, Pope John Paul's speeches, or Mother Theresa teachings, the inscriptions would have never been presented to the people.

I am not denying that proper sentence structure, use of proper English or punctuation is important. Nonetheless, as with anything, whenever one becomes so fastidious on how a sentence is presented, they lose sight of, the true meaning and purpose the sentence was spoken or presented. They have denied themselves education in a different area.

Trying to compose this article, words had to be looked up, sentence structure challenged and friendly bantering of personal writing preferences take place so this article would be read instead of graded. It is extremely difficult to stay on task and keep the spiritual messages pure when having to edit the words of spirit.

I think it is asinine editing the channeled words of Ascended Masters . Who are we to correct their messages? When did we become so grandiose to challenge how they speak? In looking to earthy examples, I have to say that some of the most in-depth and wisdom laden conversations I have partaken in, were from those whom cared less if they violated the written laws of English structuring.

My entire life I have been visited in dreams and in visions by Melchizedek. He is like a family member and to say I love him would be an understatement. ST Germaine has visited me as well, and the wisdom they both have imparted is beyond earthly editing.

Therefore, as of this article, I will start writing my articles, columns, books and speeches through my heart and by my own words and not by an English book. My expertise does not encompass proper editing; it encompasses matters of the spirit, heart and earthly life. If you want to read my articles, start looking for magazines that publish it, such as the Oracle 20/20, Lightstreamers or PS-Magazine. I am an avid supporter of furthering ones education.

I truly am happy for those that have worked so very hard studying and becoming all they can be in so many different fields of expertise. I say this with deep sincerity without one ounce of cynicism. Yet, understand that just because one did not, it does not mean they have nothing of value to offer the world.

This Little Lesson on love and life is about listening to What people are saying instead of how they are saying it.

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.
-- Ernest Hemingway (1899 - 1961)

Know how to listen, and you will profit even from those who talk badly.
-- Plutarch (46 AD - 120 AD)

Rhiannon Waits is a syndicated columnist with her column published in 14 different countries and translated into 4 different languages. You can purchase "Little Lessons on Love And Life" at Amazon.comLittle Lessons on Love And Life, book private sessions, schedule speaking engagements, or attend book signings by calling 850-941-4190. You can also visit her web site at RhiannonWaits.com. Rhia lives in Pensacola Florida with her life partner, Steve, and her children. Rhiannon Waits is a renowned Psychic/Medium.