Brain Entrainment: Enhance Your Delta, Theta, and Alpha Brain Waves

What if you could control your state of mind?

Suppose you could easily choose to control your brainwaves and experience peace of mind whenever you wanted.

The benefits would lead you to higher levels of creativity, deeper levels of calmness, improved sleep, rejuvenation, greater health, and a truly fulfilling life.

Brain wave voyages aren’t a fantasy, or a futuristic technology cooked up by science fiction. Brainwave entrainment is a real technology available to everyone right now. And it’s as easy as popping a CD into your stereo.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is a pioneer in brainwave entrainment. His Center For Neuroacoustic Research has developed binaural brainwave entrainment products that feature lush soundscapes, or soothing music, that gently relaxes your mind and body.

Behind the sounds, just out of your conscious awareness, are powerful breakthrough audio messages that stimulate your brainwaves, triggering a natural state of heightened awareness. Often our hectic lives disrupt our natural, healthy brain waves. Brainwave entrainment gently guides our brain waves back into their optimal state.

Brainwave Suite CD Set

Picture of Dr. Jeffrey ThompsonAs the leader in the groundbreaking scientific sound healing frontier, Dr. Thompson’s center has designed numerous products including Brainwave Suite, a four CD set that includes “Awakened Mind,” “Relaxation & Meditation,” “Insight & Intuition,” and “Sleep & Rejuvenation.”

This set of four brainwave CD’s allows you to choose which brain waves you want to produce, including alpha, theta, and delta.

Awakened Mind

Awakened Mind fine tunes both alpha brain waves and theta brain waves to produce an awakened mind pattern. A water lovers dream, this CD features flowing streams, rainfall, and distant thunder.

While listening you’ll achieve a state of clarity, inner peace and awareness.

Relaxation & Meditation

This peaceful brainwave CD targets alpha waves.

The music features classical guitar, bamboo flutes, sounds of birds, and gentle breezes to enliven your meditation brain waves.

It does exactly what the title implies. You’ll experience deep relaxation and a heightened state of meditation designed for stress reduction.

Insight & Intuition

This DVD produces theta brain waves.

You’ll be floating as you enjoy string instruments, Tibetan bells, and the soft patter of raindrops.

Theta waves promote vivid imagery, insight, and expansive creativity. This CD enhances your creative problem solving, intuition and artistic expression.

Delta Sleep & Rejuvenation

Delta Sleep & Rejuvenation concentrates on improving your delta waves.

A background of soothing ocean sounds combines with the playing of Tibetan bowls. This CD brings on rejuvenating delta wave supported sleep.

Brainwave Enhancement for Creative People

Creative Mind SystemTwo of Dr. Thompson’s other products I personally swear by are the “Creative Mind System” and “Theta Meditation System.”

Both systems tap into the part of your brain that allows artists, inventors, visionaries, and other creative people to achieve extraordinary accomplishments in fields as diverse as medicine, music, business, writing, and sports.

Some say the Creative Mind System is like listening to a symphony of body, mind, and soul.

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What allows these creative people to do so is a common pattern of brainwave activity called the Creative Mind Pattern.

Theta Meditation CDThis is key to creative genius is easily achieved by listening to Dr. Thompson’s CDs.

The Theta Meditation System has two CDs.

The Renewal CD is designed to help with visualization, problem solving and emotional clearing.

The Insight CD takes you into a deeper meditation state which heightens access to information, wisdom, intuition, and healing.

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Access and Expand Deeper States of Conscious Awareness

Sound has allowed the human brain to access deeper states of consciousness, expand awareness, and aid healing for literally thousands of years.

We’ve used our voices for singing, chanting, and to recite mantras. Musical instruments have given us the ability to produce a wide range of sound that manipulates mood and feeling.

The Vedas, a large body of ancient texts from India, claim that “speech is the essence of humanity.” Every thought produced by humans ultimately becomes an expression of ideas or actions. Everything comes into being through speech.

Brainwave Suite CoverThe power of sound and speech are powerful creative forces.

The 21st century has seen the development of highly sophisticated technological equipment that can observe the functioning of our bodies and brains in unprecedented detail.

We can measure changes in brainwaves and how they influence the mind and body. This has allowed us to see how brainwave mind voyages produce different states of consciousness that influence our physical health and mental well being.

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  1. Heila says:

    This all sounds very exciting. Please send further literature on the subject.

  2. connie egan says:

    Do you have any theta brainwave DVD’s, not cd’s? I want theta brainwaves combined with self-hypnotic images.

  3. Mee says:

    These ones are pretty good. They are much better than the overly hyped overly jazzed products you can find elsewhere. also has some good ones for reasonable prices. I also wonder about brainwave DVDs with hypnosis- I would like to try that.

  4. The future is all around us. No matter how tumultuous the world is at any given time, science moves ever forward, propelling us into new and exciting worlds. Often times, a scientific discovery in one area of science can eventually lead to discoveries in other areas of science or technology.

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