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Hennie Bekker's Spectrum 0

Hennie Bekker’s Spectrum: A Must-Have Album

Keyboardist Hennie Bekker has perhaps one of the most musically diverse backgrounds—with albums ranging from children’s music to world, jazz to classical, and pop to holiday—but is best known for his new age albums....

Michael Brant DeMaria's Bindu Album 0

Hypnotic New Age Album: Bindu by Michael Brant Demaria

Grammy nominated sound healer Michael Brant DeMaria recently released Bindu (Ontos Music), a mesmerizing and soothing ambient album that is receiving well-earned praise from new age music lovers around the world. “Bindu” is Sanskrit,...

Surrender by Jeff Oster 1

Intriguing New Age Album: Surrender by Jeff Oster

Horn player Jeff Oster has a new album available: Surrender (Retso Records) features a jazz and electronica inspired soundscape for listeners. Decades in the music scene coupled with his innovative approaches to sharing the...

Goddess of Wealth 0

Sanskrit Chants in Yoga Music CD: Diamonds in the Sun by Girish

Girish’s latest CD, Diamonds in the Sun (Spirit Voyage) offers a fantastic, upbeat alternative to mainstream commercial music. The CD offers “transcendental melodies and earthy grooves” in Girish’s up-beat, peaceful and soul-full style. Girish’s unique sound...

Picture of Marc Enfroy 1

Uplifting Cinematic Piano Music: Review of Unconditional CD

The orchestral arrangements and emotional piano in Marc Enfroy’s third album, Unconditional (Enfroy Music) provides the perfect musical complement to the much-needed states of relaxation listeners crave. With roots in neoclassical music, Enfroy’s musical...