Animal Reflexology: A Holistic Approach to Helping Pets

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11 Responses

  1. Tom W. says:

    I already use Reiki to treat animals, finding it to be universally useful. Cats, dogs, and horses are very responsive. As a Reflexologist I would be very interested to learn about its use on animals. My attempt to try it on my cat turned him into s lethally armed shredding machine! I’m open to new suggestions.

  2. Silmy says:

    My several dogs and cats are elderly. One has a persistent skin condition already treated by the vet for months, and also a cough. How and in which areas should I treat this female dog in particular, and all the other dogs to improve their health and condition?

  3. Silmy says:

    Please, would you send me advice and instructions? I give them some cottage cheese with flax seed oil. Is this useful?

  4. Sharon says:

    To be able to actually give my cat spa sessions is truly amazing!

  5. Cindy says:

    Do you have a Reflexology book for dogs?

  6. Deb says:

    I love the idea that I can work on the reflex points at the same time that I pet and or groom a pet. What a wonderful book.

  7. Emi B. says:

    I use Reiki on my pets as well, as far as the Reflexology, I believe it would benefit pets. My kitty, Zeus loves having his front paws rubbed. He will even spread his toes. He likes having the tips of his ears rubbed as well. My Kitty Samuel J, not so much with the front paws. He has always been uptight from adoption, but he likes his belly rubbed and face stroked. Yes, if it works on us, it is probably going to be good for them as well. I use herbal treatments for them as well.

  8. Sandy says:

    Emi, my friend has a cat that LOVES his paws rubbed right between each toe … he goes right into a trance state and won’t move! I never realized I was doing reflexology until I saw how Segers mapped the paw to reflexology points. Would be great to get Segers book on Amazon so those in the US have an easier time getting this book, but right now you need to contact her directly.

  9. Filz says:

    Wow, this is so amazing. I’m glad that there is also reflexology for animals. I’m a dog lover and a believer of reflexology. I would love to treat my dogs in a wonderful massage treatment.

  10. Hilary van Wyk says:

    I am thrilled to know that Reflexology for animals does exist. I once tried it on our Pomeranian because he couldn’t stop coughing. It worked. My children actually laughed at me, but they could not really deny that it worked either. The Pom’s chest is affected by hair balls? One of the Yorkies had a plate inserted in her hip after she was attacked by a big neighbor dog. She’s now five years old and moves slower. What can I do for her? Thank you.

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