Gemstones and Jewelry for Astrological Purposes

Typical Americanized birthdate gemstones are very different when it comes to Vedic astrology jewelry. Hindu astrology from a Vedic worldview differs sharply from western astrology in its predictive capacity. It is this predictive capacity that gives rise to the various upayes or antidotes for planetary affliction, which are designed to reduce the affects of a malefic planet or in some cases, change its nature entirely.

The origins of gemstones and jewelry based on the Vedic system to alleviate the malefic affect of a planet are almost as old as Jyotish itself. However, of the many ancient texts dealing with astrology or jyotish in general, there is only one that deals in depth withgemstones based on the Vedic System and that is the “Garuda Purana”. Others merely mention the particular gemstone associated with a given planet.

The use of gems to alleviate a malefic or enhance a benefic falls under the category of remedial measures. Mantras, yagyas and the kavach are other forms of remedial measures, which can also be used to achieve the same effect. However, because of their ease of use and availability gemstones remain the most popular choice of remedial measures.

The particular gemstones and their associations with a particular planet are as follows:

Sun/Surya – The red ruby, Rubellite or Red Spinel are the stones usually associated with surya or the sun.

Moon/Chandra – Pearl is the most frequent choice and the oldest with moonstone being a more modern association.

Mars/Manghal – Red coral is the older choice with Jasper being a modern alternative.

Rahu – Hessonite garnet is the gem of choice, which is also referred to as Gomed.

Jupiter/Guru – Yellow Sapphire is the primary gem with secondary choices being Yellow Topaz and Citrine.

Saturn/Shani – Blue Sapphire is the primary followed by Amethyst.

Mercury/Budha – Emerald is the gem associated with Mercury in the Vedas but modern associations have allowed for Chrome/Green Tourmaline.

Ketu – Cat’s Eye is the primary gem for Ketu. However there are subtypes of which the Chrysoberyl version is considered the gem of preference.

Venus/Shukra – Diamond and White Sapphire are both considered appropriate and many opt for White Sapphire due to the expense of Diamond.

How do I choose a planet/gem to remedy my astrological chart?

Though many of the ancient texts refer to gemstones there is no direct guidance given as to how they should be used. However, there are some general guidelines that most Jyotish astrologers agree on which are as follows:

  1. The gemstone of one’s birth planet is always considered propitious. The birth planet in a chart is the same as the ruler of the ascendant. Thus, a person with Cancer rising would wear a pearl since the ruler of Cancer is the moon.
  2. Wearing the gemstone for the current ruling dasa in your chart is always considered beneficial. The dasa period is a period of planetary rulership. Therefore, if one is in Mercury ruled period one would want to wear Red Coral throughout that time period.

What else should I know about choosing the proper Vedic astrology gemstones and jewelry for my chart?

Other than those two general guidelines an individual should consult an experienced Vedic astrologer to determine other stones that might be beneficial.

If you find you are attracted to gemstones or jewelry that are opposing to your chart, it is wise to schedule a consultation with a reputable Vedic astrologer who has a worldview of vedic philosophy. They can give guidance in these matters and should be consulted before choosing a gem other than the birthstone or the current dasa ruler in your chart.

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