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Vedic Astrology Lesson Seven: The Role of Venus the Planet in the 12 Houses of the Zodiac

By G. Kumar

Although defined by astronomers as a Hell in the Heavens due to its high temperature, Venus is considered to be a benign planet in Astrology. Poetics, Aesthetics and Rhetoric are ruled by this affable planet of Love. She was exalted in the horoscope of Albert Einstein and and it is this planet which is the significator of mundane love and all the pleasures of worldly life.

Venusian Effects in the 12 Houses

Venus in the Ascendant Venus in the Ascendant makes one handsome,blessed with good eyes, happy, with good longevity, attractive to the opposite sex and with good children.

Venus in the Second House

In the second Venus makes one a poet, with good education and wealth, with knowledge of music and with gift of the gab.In the horoscopes of Tennyson, Byron, Omar Khayam, Tagore and Aurobindo Venus in the second was responsible for their fame as poets.

Venus in the Third House

Venus in the 3rd makes one devoid of happiness from spouse and subject to the influence of the opposite sex. Will have difficulty in controlling anger. Will be miserly

Venus in the Fourth House

Venus tenancy of the fourth makes one wealthy, with a lovely well sculptured house and conveyances. Will be famous and will have a lot of admirers.

Venus in the Fifth House

Will be a lord, very intelligent with a lot of wealth and relatives. Will be clever and will be equal to a minister. Will be revered by many. Intelligence of a higher order will be exhibited.

Venus in the Sixth House

Venus in the sixth makes you suffer disgrace at the hands of women and you become the destroyer of your enemies. Will be subject to diseases. Will be afflicted by defeats and scandals.

Venus in the Seventh House

Will be a lover of the opposite sex. Will have beauty, brains and fortune. If male, there will be problems in marital life.

Venus in the Eighth House

This benign position of Venus makes one wealthy with good longevity. Will be regal in bearing and respected by many. Benefics in the house of longevity increases longevity.

Venus in the Ninth House

Venusian of the Ninth makes one interested in the psychic arts, wealthy, fortune via father and with good partner and children. Will have favour from the Government.

Venus in the Tenth House

This benign position of Venus makes one very intelligent, famous and will be a doer of altruistic deeds. Will excel in textile technology. Will have wealth from textile trade. This dominance of Venus on the Meridien is good for business dealing with clothes.

Venus in the Eleventh House

Will love the opposite sex , will have subordinates and will have wealth of no mean order. This is a powerful regal yoga, as Venus in the house of gains can confer gains of a high standard.

Venus in the Twelfth House

Will be wealthy and will be a traveller. Will enjoy all the pleasures of life. Will be bereft of relatives. This powerful position of Venus favours wealth and enjoyments of a high order.

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