Tarot: Some random thoughts, Fool that I Am

Free tarot reading, the Fool Card in nearly ever tarot deck I have available is infused with movement

He, like his planetary attribute is restless, bordering on being overeager and ready to forge ahead, damn the cost.

Most often the Fool is accompanied by an animal. In some of the earlier decks the animal is in direct conflict with the Fool such as the dog nipping at his derrière and tearing at his clothing in the Marseille deck. At least one deck, El Grand Taro Esoterica, shows a large domestic cat biting the Fool’s posterior thigh.

The Fool Tarot Card appeals to that part of us that wants to break rules, who wants to be irresponsible and who thrives on impulse. Can following the lead to the Fool in his childlike appeal be tantamount to self-destruction? Can following the Fool blindly be a sign of fear rather than reckless abandonment or an indication of indulgence, of setting reality aside and depending on, as did Blanche DuBois, “the kindness of strangers”? The Fool, perhaps more than any other card in the tarot deck, received direction, definition, and detail from the cards that surround him in a spread.

He is readily influenced by every other trump - His fist influence is the Magician

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