Sample Tarot Card Reading: Beyond Limitation

By Gina Rabbin

Have you ever felt some deep inner longing, but found yourself turning away from it? Do you, as so many of us tend to do, find yourself settling for what is comfortable, setting aside your dreams and yearnings, ignoring that tiny inner voice that is pulling at you to take risks, to try something new, to push beyond the boundaries you've set for yourself? Sometimes, however, no matter how hard we try to disregard that voice, it continues to grow louder and louder until finally we're compelled to stop and listen. This is what happened to Russ, and he came to me in hopes of understanding more clearly that voice of longing and the fears and doubts that seemed to accompany it.

Russ had his own consulting business. He was fairly successful and enjoyed the work he did with his clients. He had, as he said, "a nice life." But about a year ago something began stirring inside of him, a restlessness he couldn't quite name. He took a short vacation, but that didn't calm him. He spent more time working, but that didn't help, either. And when he finally sat down to try to figure out for himself what was happening, he was overcome with a wave of fear. That's when he came to me. "I don't know what this is all about," he said. "There's nothing wrong with my life, but maybe I need to make a change. But when I think about making changes, I start to panic. Can you help me figure out what's going on, please?"

Russ needed to get clarity on both the restlessness and the panic he was feeling, and to understand how the two were related. We began the reading by first pulling two cards, the King of Wands and the Ace of Wands. The King represented that aspect of Russ that was stirring things up for him. This energy was telling him that it was time to build something new, something that came from his deeper passion and longing. "It's time to move out again into the world," the King of Wands said, "and to reconnect with your passion." The Ace of Wands confirmed what the King wanted, the merging with the pure essence of its spiritual core, a new beginning. "I am your heart's passion and purpose," the Ace said to Russ, "and when you return to me you will begin your new journey."

Russ sat quietly for a few moments, then slowly nodded. He told me that for a long time he'd wanted to shift and expand the way in which he worked with his clients. It was something he'd dreamed of doing, even going so far as to create a plan for expansion, but he'd never put the plan into effect. "Why rock the boat," he asked, "seeing as how there's nothing wrong with the way I'm doing business now?" Russ now recognized what his restlessness was all about, but he was still having difficulty embracing it. We needed to take a look at his resistance.

Three cards were pulled for clarity in this specific area, the Four of Pentacles, the Five of Pentacles, and the Eight of Swords. The Four of Pentacles addressed Russ' preoccupation with finances. He admitted that, while he enjoyed his work, his main focus had been making money, and his concern that he wouldn't achieve the same level of income if he made any changes might effect that. "By focusing only on the material gains," the Four seemed to chastise, "you blind yourself to everything else around you. There is so much more to see and experience when you broaden your view, so much more that life has to offer." A little defensively, Russ said that he had to make a living, he had responsibilities, after all. The Five of Pentacles confronted him. "What are you afraid will happen if you take just some of your focus away from making money and let yourself become a part of the beauty that surrounds you? Do you think you will become destitute, cold, hungry and homeless if you let go a little?" The fear energy of the Five of Pentacles is reflected in the Eight of Swords, the card that shows us how our fears keep us bound and blinded and caught in a life that is not everything we might desire. This card also gently reminded Russ that he created his own beliefs about his financial need. "It is only your fear that keeps you stuck," it said calmly. "Release your fears and you are free."

Still feeling a little resistant, Russ wanted to know what he was supposed to do about it. The High Priestess and the Hanging Man stepped out of the deck to answer his challenge. "If you want to soar beyond your self-imposed boundaries and limitations you need to believe in yourself and your dreams," said the High Priestess. The energy of this card takes us beyond the rational, the logical, the safe and comfortable, beyond the expected and everyday, into the place where dreams come true. "The unknown becomes less frightening when you believe in your dreams," it said. "Let go of your limiting thoughts." The Hanging Man spoke up. "Do you see how I'm hanging upside down? But I haven't fallen to the ground, I'm being held and I'm safe, even if it is a bit scary up here." The Hanging Man reminded Russ to have faith that he will be given everything he needs to survive, that he will not fall, and that sometimes it's necessary to shake up our lives to get unstuck.

Russ seemed to resonate with the High Priestess and the Hanging Man, as he suddenly let go of much of his earlier resistance. He was definitely more ready to listen to his inner desire that was stirring his long-held wish to expand his business, and his new openness was reflected in the final card. The Fool showed up to start Russ on his new journey. With an awareness of what his fears were and where they came from, The Fool let Russ know that he really was better prepared to let go of his limiting beliefs and create the new business plan he had dreamed of. With the energy, faith, and trust of the Fool, he was ready to take the first step into his new life.

Russ finally realized the importance of paying attention to both his longing for a new way of expression in his business and the fears and doubts around taking such a big step. By recognizing the true basis for those fears, they lost their hold over him and he was ready to shift his business practice and follow his dream. Russ left the reading with the clarity he needed and a renewed commitment to his new journey. He freely admitted that the fear was still present, but he would no longer allow it to keep him stuck in a comfortable, but unfulfilling, life.

Is there anyplace in your own life where fear is keeping you from follow your dreams?

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