Tarot Card Reading: Legacy of Destruction

By Gina Rabbin

I grew up in Orange County, California. There were still orange groves back then, and vast stretches of undeveloped land. Every evening and all summer long, the kids in the neighborhood would be outside playing; there were no "bad air" days keeping us inside. We often had tuna fish sandwiches and tall glasses of milk for lunch, because fish was healthy for us and milk didn't contain poisons.

Today, pollutants from vehicle emissions and fossil fuels get in the way of normal lung development of children and limit their breathing capacity for the rest of their lives. How many bad air days has your community experienced so far this year, keeping your children stuck in the house, warned by officials to not breathe the air?

Fish like tuna, sea bass, marlin and halibut have some of the worst mercury contamination, a poison that interferes with the brain and nervous system. Eating even a single serving of highly contaminated fish can cause serious health problems, especially for children and pregnant women.

A toxic component of rocket fuel, perchlorate, has been found in the breast milk of women in 18 states, with the highest levels found in women from New Jersey, New Mexico, Missouri, Nebraska and California, in that order.

Yet our current administration is slowly tearing apart almost every existing environmental protection law, from air pollution to water pollution, global warming to toxic waste. Weakening the laws that protect our environment is, in turn, affecting the health of our children. Why isn't every parent, expectant parent, or future parent, up in arms about this? Where is the anger, the protestations, the need to put our children ahead of our selfish needs or political affiliation? Why are so many of us remaining silent as we destroy our environment, our health, and the health and future of our children?

We cannot nurse our babies without wondering if we are causing them harm. Our children cannot breathe the air, or swim in the oceans, or eat the fish from the seas. It seems that we don't care. Why? I turn to the Tarot, as always, for guidance and understanding. As I hold the cards in my hands, sinking into the silence of my inner self, I am guided to pull four cards.

The 7 of Swords is the first card to be pulled, a card that speaks of self-deception and denial. "Do you think you can sneak away from the truth of what you have created by pretending it doesn't exist?", it asks. In the same breath, it reminds us that shutting our eyes to what is right in front of us doesn't make it go away. Neither does letting ourselves become so acclimated to the dangers of environmental devastation that the effects on the human species, on non-human species, on the planet itself, become seen as "normal". The damage to the environment continues, says the 7 of Swords, whether our eyes are open to it or closed. We can no longer play the child's game of covering our head with a blanket and believing that we can't be seen, that we are hidden and safe from the world outside, and it is hidden from us.

When we finally stop deceiving ourselves, The Hanged Man steps forward and tells us quite bluntly that it is time to change our current way of life if we are ever to become greater than we are now. We need to be willing to shake things up, to tear down the walls of our rigid beliefs, to see the truth and let the evidence speak for itself. While the onslaught of reality can be overwhelming, even shocking, it is only when we face the truth that we can begin to acknowledge and accept our responsibility both for the cause and for the transformation. The Hanged Man demands that we open ourselves to new ways of thinking in order to find solutions and bring about necessary change. Albert Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." The Hanged Man forces us to alter the way we see things, and thus begin the healing process.

The Wheel of Fortune slowly turns and our future unfolds before us. We are reminded that our present has been determined by our choices of the past, and we now have the responsibility of determining what is next for our planet and all her inhabitants. We hold that responsibility in our hands. It is a fragile gift we have been given, The Wheel of Fortune cautions, so we must treat it carefully, respectfully, thoughtfully, even reverently. How we choose to alter our thinking, the ways in which we find solutions to the environmental devastation we have created, will determine not only how our children and their children will live, but how many generations of children will live to follow them.

How do we carry on? Once we stop deceiving ourselves, once we make the commitment to change our way of thinking, once we accept responsibility for the devastation and healing of this planet and acknowledge that we personally are harmed as much as every other living thing by the choices we have made, what do we do next? The Hierophant is our inner teacher, our higher wisdom, our connection to our spiritual self. Knowledge and truth is already ours, we simply need to be willing to seek them within. We need to understand that our children deserve a legacy of beauty and life, not destruction, and it is up to us to provide it for them. When we act from our inner truth, we are compelled to act for the benefit of all, not just for ourselves. When we act from our higher knowing, we are compelled to heal, not harm.

I recently heard a story about a man who left a high-paying, successful career in public relations to take a staff job with a non-profit environmental organization, earning one-tenth of his former salary. When his astounded friends ask him why, he tells them that he has a young daughter whom he loves very much. "When someday she asks me", he says, "why I didn't do something to save the earth, I want to be able to tell her that I did everything I could."

What will you say to your children?

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