Tarot Card Reading: Taking Back Your Power

By Gina Rabbin

How often over the course of your life have you questioned the choices you've made, or your motives for doing so? Do you find yourself wondering if you're on the right path, or have you simply allowed circumstance to determine where you find yourself today? You would not be alone. Over the past twenty years, Jason found his career path shifting direction more than once, at times out of choice and at times as a result of circumstance. Now, confronting yet another crossroads in his life, questioning the path opening up before him, Jason is struggling with his fears and doubts, unsure of himself or his abilities. "Is this the right path?" he asks. "Am I acting from fear or from a higher calling? How do I stay strong and focused as I move forward? How do I continue to grow within this new challenge?"

Jason's doubts stem from the many life transitions he has faced. Career disappointments, health problems, and financial challenges continue to plague him as he searches for a way in which he can express in the world what he now feels compelled to do. He seeks to understand why he has had to endure so many difficulties in his life, and if there is a reason he was given these experiences, perhaps some lesson that he was meant to learn. Jason has written for guidance and clarity and, most of all, answers to his questions.

Before Jason can move into his future, it is important for him to gain insight into his past. In this way he can let go of the hold the past has on him, and with it any sense of blame or failure, and begin to move forward unencumbered. The first question we ask the cards, then, is what lessons does Jason need to learn from the hardships he has faced?

It is the Strength card that answers this question. This card often shows up when we have turned away from our own power, when we give in or give up rather than face the fears a certain situation has stirred up inside of us. Certainly, it can be easier to walk away, but the consequences stay with us for a very long time, as Jason has come to see. Strength speaks of the courage, the power, the fortitude that Jason possesses but has not used, and his ability to face his shadows and tame them rather than give in to them. For Jason to understand why he is facing this new crossroads in his life, he has to carefully look back at the choices he made and recognize where he might have given up rather than stand his ground. The job he left because of issues with his employer, the illness that he couldn't heal which ended a second career, his inability to find employment in yet another area of work--all of these situations require deep inner reflection. Was a different outcome possible in any of these circumstances? Did Jason give in rather than rely on his inner strength and courage to affect a different result? In retrospect (and without any self-judgment!), how might he have done things differently?

Gaining this insight into his past now gives Jason the opportunity to ask his next question. How does he stay strong and focused and in his power as he moves forward? There are two cards that show up. The first is Wheel of Fortune, which simply reminds Jason that the past has determined his present situation, and he must accept responsibility for where he now finds himself. As the past unfolds into the present as a result of decisions once made, so will the present unfold into the future as a result of the choices made now. This is the reminder to Jason, that he holds his future in his own hands, and what he chooses to do will determine how his life now unfolds. He must look closely at those choices, and make sure he is making them not out of fear and doubt, but from strength and power.

Justice is the next card to offer clarity on how Jason might best ensure that his decisions are being made from that place of inner power and awareness. Justice tells us that not everything is as it appears to be. Sometimes, the truth hides beneath the surface, and that is where we often must look for the answers. Peeling away at the layers of a predicament will get us to its core truth, and when we can see the truth we are in a better position to know the appropriate course of action. For Jason, this means he must be willing to look closely at his responses to the issues he is confronted with, to look deep beneath the obvious and simple answers, until he reaches the place of truth. This truth is his power, his strength, his knowing of the best way to proceed, and his ability to stay focused as he moves forward.

The third question is the one causing Jason the most difficulty. He wonders if this new path he is contemplating is the right path for him. He fluctuates between believing he has a gift, and having misgivings that he has anything to offer. When he trusts in himself, he feels this is his calling. When he doubts himself, he questions his motives. How then can Jason know if he is doing the right thing? The Hermit steps forward to give Jason the guidance he seeks. It is important that Jason recognize the knowledge he has gained through the wisdom of Strength, Wheel of Fortune, and Justice. Much has been uncovered and revealed, and this new awareness of lessons learned is a gift that can make Jason stronger and surer of himself. Now, as he looks at the direction in which his life is moving, Jason has the opportunity to take back his power. This should be a time of deep inner contemplation for Jason, a time to connect to his heart and his passion, a time to look closely at all that has been revealed about his past. Calling upon his newly found strength and power, Jason can use this awareness to step confidently into the future, knowing the decisions he makes come from truth, not doubt.

We must all take the time to understand our past so that we can make choices for our future that will allow our lives to unfold in the way we desire. If we continue to blindly make the same choices, we can only expect the same outcomes. It is only when we come to understand the past and the reasons for the choices we made, that we can begin to change the ways in which we make those decisions. When we take back our power rather than succumb to our fears, we can create a future built on passion and truth and certainty.

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Gina RabbinGina Rabbin is a life-long intuitive and catalyst for clarity. She helps people clarify and resolve their personal and professional issues in order to create more fulfilling and meaningful lives. Currently residing in San Francisco, CA, Gina is available for tarot card readings in person or by telephone. For more information, please visit http://www.ginarabbin.com.