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Tarot Card Reading on the 2004 Presidential Election: "What do I do now?"

By Gina Rabbin

It has been two weeks since the outcome of the presidential election, and across the country many people are still deep in despair. The outcome was a shock, as they believed with all their heart that after the past four years, this country would choose a different course, a more humane and compassionate course. That this did not happen has caused many to feel a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. Again and again, my clients have said to me, "I don't know what to do. I don't know how to get beyond this."

It is important to look at this issue, to find the answers to "how do I get beyond this?" If we don't, the potential to give in to our sadness by going within and staying within, to disconnect from the world around us and return to the safety of our inner world, is too great. While it is often necessary to go within in order to begin the healing process, to stay within becomes an escape and serves no higher purpose.

Let us look to the Tarot for guidance and clarity. Drawn to the Gilded Tarot deck, I first ask for clarity around this entire issue. What is it we need to understand about the outcome of this election? What is our lesson here? As I hold the cards, Temperance steps forth and asks that, for the moment, we remain calm, that we maintain our balance in the midst of our emotions, that we do not go to extremes. And when we are sitting calmly and quietly, and ready to listen with our hearts and minds, Temperance asks us to look closely at our actions and behaviors in the years and months and weeks before this election. Were our internal beliefs in absolute harmony with our external actions? Did we take our spiritual awareness out into the world every day in a manner that perfectly expressed our values, our ethics, our integrity, our compassion? What did we do every day to affect the change we wanted to create? Temperance asks us to accept our responsibility for the outcome, not that we might judge ourselves but that we might grow and learn from the awareness. This is the immediate lesson, we are told: To live as spiritual beings in the world, involved in the world, expressing our consciousness in the world, on a daily basis, in all aspects of our lives, is the only way in which we can create the world in which we want to live.

What is the next step? Assuming we are ready to accept our responsibility for the outcome, that we have looked deeply within and made the commitment to express our spirituality every day, in the world, how do we heal ourselves and move forward? There are two cards that choose to answer us.

With a sense of deep purpose, Strength reminds us that we have more courage and power than we realize, and those gifts are ready for us to call upon whenever we need them. So each of us must call upon our inner reserve of strength right now, and use it to rise above our feelings of despair and helplessness. Let us remember the lesson taught to us by Temperance, and now use our strength to put that lesson into action.

And who but the King of Swords can best accomplish this! With the energy of the King, the confidence, intelligence, and clarity of the King, we are able to take our wisdom out into the world, sharing our beliefs and values and spirituality with the world. For when we express our higher consciousness in the world, when we take purposeful action, we arrive at the place where both healing and change begins, in the world.

I welcome reader questions! If there is an issue you would like to see addressed in a future column.

Gina RabbinGina Rabbin is a life-long intuitive and catalyst for clarity. She helps people clarify and resolve their personal and professional issues in order to create more fulfilling and meaningful lives. Currently residing in San Francisco, CA, Gina is available for tarot card readings in person or by telephone. For more information, please visit