Increase Your Muscular Srength, Endurance and Flexibility

Increase your muscular strength, endurance and flexibility by strength training. Strength training is popular among both men and women. In any fitness facility, men and women of varied ages are using free weights and weight machines. These days group exercise classes, too, incorporate resistance exercises in some form into their workout routines.

It indicates how the importance of muscular strength has been recognized as an intrinsic part of a total fitness solution. No longer does it suffice to just exercise the heart and stretch the muscles. You should increase the strength in those muscles too.

So the next time you do your low back strengthening exercises, remember you are increasing your muscular flexibility and endurance as well. How do you profit by strength training? Well, there are multiple benefits. For one, you will have enhanced power and strength, a highly toned body, and better sports performance. There are secondary health benefits also. You will have stronger bones, be less susceptible to injury, and have greater functional fitness.

However, to really benefit from strength training, and improve your muscular strength and endurance, you should do your exercise routines to exhaustion. It is an established fact that muscle mass and strength increase most effectively when exercise leads to ischemia or hypoxia in localized muscle areas. Hypoxia generates the signals that are needed to spur muscle growth and repair in a particular area. These signals cause the progenitor cells that rebuild muscles to migrate from the blood stream and bone marrow to the hypoxic area.

So if you want to increase your muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, it’s best to go in for some strength training and do it rigorously.

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