A Spiritual Walk Through the Labyrinth

By Shirley Scott

Many people have heard about or seen a Labyrinth and they think it’s some kind of maze. But a maze has dead ends and many paths lead to nothing. A Labyrinth design is one path that leads to the center and then back out again. There are no dead ends or false paths to lead you astray.

So what is a Labyrinth? The labyrinth is an ancient tool that has been brought back into modern-day consciousness. It’s a tool that can help in deepening our spirituality, bringing forward the connection to our soul which helps us to tap into our intuition, creativeness, simplicity, body, spirit, intimacy and community. It’s a walking meditation or prayer that engages your body, mind and soul. It’s a path inward and a path outward, which is the same path, and represents the path we are on in life.

The reasons and opportunities for walking the labyrinth are as many as there are people in this world and more. We can walk it for guidance in every matter of our life. Or we may want to walk it for a celebration of a birthday or reflect on a death or a project we are starting or maybe in the middle of and need clarity.

How we use the labyrinth is a very personal experience. The labyrinth invites all experiences into its energy; be it grief, joy, love, wonder, or play. Walking the labyrinth is the way to listen to our inner self and get the answers and support of Spirit and the Universe.

No matter what size or style of the labyrinth, the space in it provides a strong, safe place for us to experience our ups and downs. As we walk this sacred space, we can be reminded of the twists and turns of our life as well. It reminds us that even though we may seem to be on a path to nowhere, if we look deep inside ourselves, we’ll come to the center of our being and that’s where all the answers lay.

The labyrinth is a powerful tool to clear out past thoughts and ideas that don’t serve us anymore. While we’re walking with our attention turned inward, the mind is quieted and many other stresses and everyday concerns are released letting our creative and intuitive juices flow. In the labyrinth we have a chance to dream new dreams, explore our thoughts and feelings, and see new creative territory. We’re all creative and intuitive but our culture has told us to ignore these wonderful traits. The labyrinth helps us clear this mud out of our minds so we can hear that inner voice, signal or thought that encourages us to be our true selves.

From the time we are told that Santa Claus is the same figment of our imagination as elves and fairies or angels or monsters, we start to believe that we are not creative or intuitive. We start to fill our heads with monkey chatter, static and thoughts that undermine our very existence. The labyrinth helps to clear away or distancing from our true spiritual nature. Ideas and inspiration can come more easily and quickly when we’re walking the labyrinth and many people bring a pad and pen to write down what they are receiving. Some just doodle as they walk to help clear their minds.

labyrinth imagesWhen we start to walk the labyrinth, we should stand at the opening and take a minute to reflect on what it is we want to learn or seek an answer too. Look at the intention behind this question. Is it honorable? Is it in your best interest? Is your ego asking the question or is it your Higher Self? The intention behind any question means the question or action is consciously chosen and you are walking into it. So be clear on your intention so you can get a clear answer. And remember that it’s the intention behind any thought or action that with develop into karma, be it good or bad. The more consciously we prepare for our walk, the deeper the walk will be.

Start the walk with a prayer or ask for guidance and support from that Being or principle in whose Light you walk and believe in; be it your Higher Power, a spirit animal, an angel, guide or favorite god or goddess or the winds. This can be verbal, visual or a physical bow. Acknowledge your intention, your support and the commitment to the truth. When you’re finished, take a deep breath, step into the labyrinth and let your walk take you to the place of peace and understanding.

The circle of the labyrinth is a symbol of wholeness. Sacred structures are often circular. Throughout history we have sat in circles, drawn circles, have circles of friends, every planet is circular and many spiritual rites and dances are circular. So know that when you step into the labyrinth, you are indeed stepping into a sacred circle.

As we work with the labyrinth, try new movements and paces. Walk fast one time and slow the next. Dance some, stop some, turn in circles, and use your imagination. Make each walk different and creative. Do what you want to do. And if someone is in front of you and you want to pass, do so with respect. Just cross over the line and keep going.

I hope all of you can have the experience of walking the labyrinth several times. It represents the journey we are all on in life. It shows us life, death, rebirth, creativity, spiritual intend and reminds us of the path we are on.

What I’ve learned from the labyrinth is to slow down and enjoy life and the blessings I have today. It reminds me to be in the present so I don’t miss out on the miracles around me now. It reminds me that life is always changing and is a process, not an end result. We’re learning in the process of the choices we make everyday and when the end result is meant, we begin another goal. Even in death, there is a continuing process of soul and consciousness.

I pray that your journey through the labyrinth and life is a rewarding process of love, joy, grace and Light.

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