There's No Excuse for Abuse!

By Shirley Scott

Webster's Dictionary defines "abuse" as the follow – "To use wrongly or improperly. To treat in a harmful, injurious or offensive way. To speak insultingly, harshly and unjustly to or about. To commit indecent assault upon."

Well, folks that pretty much says it all. If you hurt a person or an animal with words, a physical attack or do anything in a harmful way, which would include withholding food, water and shelter, it's abuse.

So take a breath or two before you yell, hit or even think a harmful or abusive thought. The energy you put out will come back to you – it's the law of the Universe. What we put out, we come back. This falls under the law of "for every action there is an equal reaction". If we could see the fireball of energy that hate and abuse sends out, and then realize it's going to come back to us, it would scare the hell out of us. None of us would ever be mean or hateful again.

We wouldn't even think a mean thought. If we could see this energy, we'd start to understand why we feel the way we do when other people look at us or think about us in a mean way. They are sending energy currents our way and we feel them. Just like the sun sends us warm rays that we can feel. The rays of the sun are just energy and so are the looks and thoughts we give or send to people. This energy is the same energy you feel every time you walk into a room with other people. You are feeling the different energies in the room just like you feel hot or cold energy in the air.

Don't you know when someone is mad at you by just the look they give you? How about when someone looks at you with love or compassion? And when you give these looks and thoughts to someone else, don't they know it? Isn't the energy from your looks and mind going right to the person you are thinking about?

When you know someone is mad at you, doesn't it make you feel uncomfortable or maybe it might even make you mad. When this happens it means you have just felt and picked up their energy or thoughts. It's a feeling none of us like, do we! Now think about how many times you have done the same thing to someone else.

This is abusive energy and everyone can feel it, especially animals! They feel this energy and read your thoughts more than humans do. Whether you have good thoughts or not, they're all energy and can cause someone to feel something when it's pointed at him or her.

Now that you know how energy can affect you and other people, you have the knowledge to help control your life. You now can control your thoughts and energies. This way we can collectively stop abusive thoughts and behavior before they start.

But why do we get abusive in the first place; because we're out of control. Abuse is an out of control behavior that is trying to regain control. But as long as you are "out-of-control", there is no control. So the more abusive you become the more out of control you become. This is a circle that can only be broken by stopping what you're doing and taking a breath.

Step back from the situation and see what made you so mad and why. I think you'll find there's always a control issue that makes you abusive. Control over a situation that you have no control over. You want some one to do something or you want something you can't have. Control is a horrible thing to try and control – because you can't control everything that's going to happen in this life.

Before you get abusive, take control in another way. Walk away from the situation and think about it. Usually there's a lesson to learn and even if you can't find the lesson, just walking away will help you gain control of your emotions.

Always remember, "Abuse stems from the fear of losing control, but if you are abusive, you've already lost control."

There's really no excuse for abuse to anyone, animal or thing. If an animal isn't doing what you want, don't just hit them or yell at them. Step back from them and see why they are being resistant.

Maybe you have a dog that chews everything up. First you need to figure out what time of the day he does this. Is it just when you're gone? Is he having separation anxiety? Is he just bored or lonely or is there a medical problem? Or maybe your pet is just having a bad day. All these things have to be taken into account before you can even begin to re-train him.

I tell people that until they understand why their pet is doing something, you can't train them not to do it. And whatever the problem is, abuse isn't going to make it any easier to work with him. In fact, it may cause the pet to decide not to work with you again. Animals remember things better than humans do because they relate the energy and punishment or reward to what is happening in the moment. They will relate any abuse they receive when learning something with that trick or act you are wanting them to perform.

For example, when you want your dog to sit. He won't sit and you hit him or yell at him. Finally after yelling and hitting him, he sits. You think he has learned to sit. But the next time you tell him to sit, he ducks his head and tries to get away. He's relating the "learning to sit command" to abuse and anticipating it will happen again. He just wants to get away and hide so he won't be hit again. He's relating pain to the trick or lesson and will probably never do it willingly again.

However, if you stop and step back before you yell or hit or start any abusive action, you may see what's really going on. Listen to the clues your pet is sending you in his body language, in his stance, in his eyes, ears and mouth. Use your telepathy instead of your hand or fist. Look to see if he's confused about what you want him to do or maybe he's not focused on you. Watch him and start reading and understand him.

We've all seen people when they are mad. And don't they look ugly or stupid when they are red in the face and out of control. Do you want someone to see you like that? Even if it's only your pet? And then after finish our abusive fit, don't we feel bad? And when we look back on it, what have we really created? Hard feelings and nothing really got accomplished, did it!

So I urge you to have control over the only thing in this world you really can, your own emotions and actions. Step back from something or someone that's making you angry and see what lesson there is waiting for you to learn.

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