New Moon Sign Table for Taurus: Time for Self Expression and Trust in the Universe

The New Moon calendar in Taurus finds us in a fixed Earth sign, ruling the natural second house of the zodiac that governs material possessions, income, a sense of physical enjoyment, and personal comfort. On a spiritual level Taurus is a sign that reflects finding peace and contentment within ourselves. The spirit of Taurus gives us a feeling of stability and groundedness. It is a sense of staying in one place-a place that is comfortable and nurturing to us-and growing roots there. Because Taurus is all about staying in one place, the peacefulness that I speak of comes from within the self rather than from searching for it externally. Paradoxically, finding this sense of peace within (and with) oneself does not come from trying to fix what we feel is wrong with ourselves. Instead, I believe, it is about quieting our mind and letting our true selves emerge, in an environment of unconditional self-love and self-acceptance.

Taurus Offers a Time for Peace and Grounding

Peace cannot be attained by jumping from one thought to the next, one goal to the next goal, one place to the next place, or from person to person. When there is an excess of movement or agitation in our lives, we are not being still enough to find peace. It is only when we develop a feeling of inner stillness and centeredness that we can then find a way to naturally express and resonate our true nature within all of our experiences. With this in mind, we can start to see that it is not the quantity of experiences but their quality and depth that counts. It is primarily what we bring of ourselves to our experiences that make them significant to us.

Taurus New Moon Powers Offer a Time of Self Expression

In the physical body, Taurus rules the throat and the voice. It is the expression of our physical voices that reflects our true nature or blockages to our self-expression. Muscular tensions that are usually brought about by stress and agitation can often block our voice and how we express ourselves. When we can release these tensions, our voices become pleasing and effortless. Speaking or singing needs to be produced with the least amount of effort. Your self-expression can become more of a reflection of who you really are as you feel more peaceful, relaxed, and grounded. Allow yourself to drink up all the beauty that is within you and all around you and to express to others.

With Taurus Comes Trust and Faith in the Universe

With an increased sense of inner peace comes rich experiences that unfold over time. We just have to stay put and have trust in ourselves and faith in the universe. If we can develop this inner attitude, we can attract abundance. This is how Taurus has come to rule material possessions: Taurus finds a good environment, stays there, and accumulates the things that are enjoyed for both their spiritual and material value. Like attracts like. Abundance attracts even more abundance!

New Moon facts tell us Taurus is a time for allowing ourselves to be loved unconditionally; a time to bring out our inner nature without judgment. Unconditional self-love creates an environment for true self-expression. This is a time to find those situations that resonate peacefulness within us. It might be a goal this month to find one or more areas in your life where you can develop a more peaceful, stable approach. This may be a time to find something that resonates for you in a positive way and stay there in a very focused manner--whether it is a relationship, a creative endeavor, or a project. Don't be surprised if this area becomes a wonderful reflection of the beautiful being that you really are.

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