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New Moon Calendar Report for Pisces: Finding the Inner Truth with Compassion and Understanding

The New Moon in Pisces is about understanding and compassion. When the New Moon calendar is in Pisces, a very deep and compassionate sign Pisces' influence dissolves boundaries--those barriers that separate people and even nations from understanding each other. When boundaries are lifted we are empowered to experience compassion, true understanding and gentleness toward each other and ourselves. This is not a sign of weakness, but of incredible inner strength. It takes inner faith and courage to let go of habitual "control" and experience life in a compassionate, Piscean way.

Boundaries Or Defenses Block Out "Inner Truth"

What are these "boundaries"? They consist of beliefs, judgments, and/or defenses that we use in daily life to create a distance between other people and ourselves. Likewise, we judge ourselves too--which can create a difference between our inner self and the way we present ourselves to the outside world. Sometimes we censor ourselves too much out of fear of rejection. Ultimately these boundaries serve to block off inner truth, both from ourselves and between others and ourselves. Often, like most defense mechanisms, they are useful only in the moment they were created and were necessary once in order to protect yourself from a stressful situation. When these defenses persist (as they usually do) beyond that initial experience, they only serve to color your world. You look through them as a filter, blocking out many truths. They begin to feel so normal that we hardly even know that they are there. They block our energies from arising.

You can sometimes tell that this is happening when you no longer allow yourself to feel vulnerable with others. This month, it is time to gently remove some of these boundaries or filters between your inner and outer self as well as those between yourself and others. This is especially true if they are no longer useful to you and if you sense that they are keeping you from living your life with abundance.

The Sub-Conscious Mind Just "Experiences"

How do we begin to deal with dissolving those boundaries within ourselves? How do we dissolve the differences between our external selves (how we act, dress, what we say we to others) with our internal selves--who we truly are? A start is finding an inner truth and embracing it. A good way to find your inner truth is to quiet your mind, meditate, and just observe what comes up. Meditation is based on being in the present moment without conscious thought or judgment. The conscious mind explains situations to us. The sub-conscious mind just "experiences". Pisces rules the latter. When you are living in the present moment, you are revealing your most spontaneous and sub-conscious self. At this time, perhaps you can try to experience a few situations in life by just seeing what happens in the present, instead of rehearsing or worrying about it. Try letting go of a few of your pre-conceived ideas and just see what your spontaneous response becomes. You can probably deal with most situations this way, (by not trying to control them), better than you think you can. From such "in the moment" experiences you begin to experience yourself--who you really are. From this, your sense of self has the opportunity to emerge and grow. It is from the openness of Pisces' influence that the sense of self arises and gives rise to Aries, the first astrology sign which represents the energy of the self, the life force, and the start of a new astrological cycle.

Becoming A True Reflection Of Ourselves

When we are free to reflect to the outside who we really are, then we will experience increased authenticity. Such authenticity is necessary to connect with others in a way that has lasting meaning. After all, if we are allowing a reflection of ourselves, it will be our truth that others will be responding to. People tend to respond to the truth. For example, when you say something to another person they sub-consciously pick up on your voice and body language more than the actual words you may be saying. The real message is in the delivery of what you are communicating, which is beyond your conscious control. In this way others tend to tune into your subconscious self. If your outer and inner message is harmonious, your communication is much easier to relate to. What a wonderful foundation for any relationship! When people who are being true to themselves interact, when their internal, and/or subconscious self is reflected outwardly, barriers between them will melt because they will have an understanding of each other. It takes strength and self-acceptance to allow this kind of vulnerability, but if the other person is worth it, so is the risk. We all have much more in common than we realize or would like to admit. With this in mind, this is a good time to forgive others who have wronged us, ask others for forgiveness, or to forgive ourselves for past mistakes.

Pisces Rules Ideals, Dreams, And Inspirations

This is a time when we can relax our minds and bodies and learn to release those tensions that block our emotional response with others. In the New Moon calendar Pisces rules higher ideals, dreams, and inspirations. Let your imagination and creativity expand during this time. We can wish to increase our spiritual awareness, our surrender to and faith in a higher power, or to find the correct spiritual path or teacher. At this time perhaps we can come to a realization that everything has a purpose, we are all connected, and that there is a perfect order to the universe. We are all part of the unfolding of that universe.

Dreams And Inspiration Are The First Steps Before Action

This is a good month to wish for a decrease in feeling like a victim, or in feeling helpless or out of control. These are Pisces qualities that can go overboard. We need to curb a tendency for complete escapism, such as overuse of alcohol, food addictions, or drug abuse. While fantasy and inspiration can work to help us develop into more evolved beings and to expand our possibilities, we can also learn to distinguish fantasy from reality, truth from fiction. We must avoid the tendency to deceive others and ourselves with escapism. Pisces energy helps us dream, and offers us the opportunity to use that dream to make the world a better place for everyone.

Neptune's energy can be harnessed to increase our creativity and creative expression in art, writing, dance, drama, or music when the New Moon calendar is in Pisces. Dreams and inspiration are the first steps before action. The next sign, Aries will take the actions that follow the dreams that Pisces created. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and with the dreams of Pisces feeding unconsciously into the energies of the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, the cycle is again complete.

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