New Moon Table Report for Aquarius: We Are All Connected to a Much Bigger Picture

Astrology New Moon facts tell us that Aquarius helps us detach emotionally. The sign of Aquarius is known for its quality of being detached and objective. Detachment can be a very valuable tool in our lives. Learning detachment, or emotional distance, can enable us learn that we have the choice of whether or not we react to situations emotionally or not. Sometimes, even in very personal situations, not taking things personally can have a healing effect on us and upon those around us. When we can separate ourselves emotionally from situations we get the chance to reflect and take in more truth, more objectivity, more information from our surroundings. Ultimately this way we can find a deeper and a fuller self-expression as we learn to reflect on how we fit into the overall situation that we find ouselves in, and how best to operate within that context.

Aquarius New Moon Facts Tell us to Seek Rational and Creative Approaches

Detachment can help us to catch our spiritual breath while sparing ourselves needless pain, frustration or even false hopes. This quality can empower us to adapt to whatever life throws at us. It is impossible to predict how others will treat us or what life will bring. What we can do is to objectively register (and not immediately judge) what is going on around us. From this perspective we can more easily think clearly and become more creative about life and our interaction with it. When a situation arises that you would usually react strongly to, with a little objectivity and thought you might be able to see several rational or creative approaches that would have passed you by if you had been acting from a purely emotional level. Hang onto these new solutions! They could be the start of a new period of personal growth for you. Aquarius rules the intellect, or "higher mind" for this reason. In this way the spirit of Aquarius helps us to break out of routines, or automatic and reactive ways of responding.

New Moon Power of Aquarius Helps Us See Life From A Greater Perspective

This Aquarian quality of detachment is really just a way to see things from a greater perspective. During the new moon in Capricorn we explored climbing the "mountain top" as we aspired to achieve definite goals in our lives. The spirit of Aquarius, being the next astrological sign, takes this one step further. From this mountain top, Aquarius takes in the larger view of everything beneath it. Aquarius is in the position to really see the Big Picture"! From this standpoint it is easy to see how this sign rules groups, organizations and a sense of community. This larger perspective sees things beyond the individual's needs and looks at things in a more "global" way. This bigger perspective may seem aloof or perhaps "clinical" rather than personal, but I just like to think of it as larger and more encompassing.

A challenge then, this month, is to try to view the many personal events in your life from this broader Aquarian perspective. Think of a few things that perhaps are not going right. Step back now and try to view it in a more objective, detached way. When you are less emotional can you start to see more solutions? Try to expand your view and see if a bigger picture emerges. Perhaps there is a pattern that you've been repeating throughout your life. Under the spirit of Aquarius this might be a time to increase your awareness of the patterns you create that no longer or never served your higher purpose. You need not become emotional or self-critical, but instead accept and take ownership of these patterns or habits, observe them and then think about one way that you could do something different. Like a domino effect, if you implement one truly positive change in your life other things in your life and in the people whose lives you touch will also start to change for the better. Be open to creative solutions, trusting your higher intuition.

Taking a truly novel approach and breaking out of an established pattern may feel uncomfortable at first, but just wait until you see the results! The discomfort may be worth the reward.

Aquarius Reminds Us We Are All Connected

Realize that Aquarius rules patterns and vibrations and that we are all one and connected to each other. If you see things from this very large perspective you will see that you are one person in a huge network of people and living creatures that are inextricably connected on this planet. If given a choice between doing something for yourself only, versus doing something for others most people will choose doing something that will help themselves. This is because most do not realize that helping others ultimately raises up everyone on this planet. Everything you do, say, or think will in some way impact everyone else. We all have so much personal power to lift up this troubled world so embrace this New Moon in Aquarius.

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