New Moon Calender Report for Virgo: Opportunity to Heal and Get Organized

The New Moon facts tell us that Virgo is the astrological sign that helps us basically create order out of "chaos". Everything, and practically anything, when left alone (that is, without our management and putting energy into the details) tends to deteriorate. This is the law of "entropy". This law of entropy applies to almost everything in our lives--our careers, our relationships, and the health of our bodies.

If You Don't Use It You Will Lose It

Have you ever heard the saying, if you don't use it you will lost it? This principle can be applied to our bodies. For example, if we fail to exercise our muscles, they will become flabby. If we do not pay attention to the types of food we eat, we will become overweight or suffer a serious physical problem such as heart disease. In fact, the more evolved and elaborate anything that we wish to accomplish is, the more attention must be paid to its details. Great and inspirational ideas are wonderful, but they are only as good as the details needed to make things work.

Think of a great symphony orchestra. Each note from each instrument must be played at precisely the correct (or specified) pitch, duration, and volume. If one note goes wrong, it adversely affects the sound of the whole. When one fiber of a great tapestry begins to come loose, the whole fabric will eventually begin to unravel. Although small details can sometimes seem inconsequential and the fastidiousness that Virgo pays to them can seem obsessive and "picky", without great details the "Whole" of anything suffers. A beautiful beach is made up of each grain of sand; a Shakespearian play of tens of thousands of poetic and well placed words; a Mozart symphony is made up of a web of perfectly placed notes. I can't imagine my life without any of these.

New Moon Power of Virgo Offers Opportunity for Healing

It is fitting that Virgo rules the sixth house of health. Health problems start with one small detail--as small as one cell--of our physical selves that goes wrong. Physical problems are often caused by emotional stress. One malfunctioning cell can lead to further disease and the "domino effect" can take over until we find ourselves in a state of compromised health. Conversely, fixing up a misaligned detail can create a positive domino effect. When you fix up one problem in your life, this can have a very powerful positive influence on all the other areas that this one problem impacted. Virgo's attention to details enables this sign's energies to be quite a healing force.

Virgo's New Moon Facts and Figures Help us Get Organized

The spirit of Virgo helps us to get organized. Organization of our everyday lives enables us to deal with all of the little "tiles" (details) of our mosaic of life in a systematic, manageable, and meaningful way. Virgo is a sign of modesty. That follows, perhaps, because of Virgo's ability to deal with small things. It is not with a big splash of ego that Virgo accomplishes its goals, but with small steps taken in an organized and systematic way. This is humble, perhaps, but very effective. And, from the small details emerges the big picture.

This month let us set wishes that involve attention to detail. Let us not be "nit-picky" just for the sake of being perfectionistic, but let's endeavor to see how improving certain details helps everything around us. Projects that require or favorably reflect our meticulous or organizational efforts are highlighted now. It would be good to focus on at least one area of our lives that needs better organization. If organization is something impossible or very difficult for you (I can relate!), then this is a good time to seek a helper who is good at it, and delegate organizational tasks to her/him. This is also a fabulous time to introduce or create a new system or way of doing things into our daily routine. It is a good time to start a long-range project and organize its overall structure.

Naturally, this is a good month to focus on your health. Taking up healthful practices such as Yoga, meditation, daily walks or exercise, or a dietary/lifestyle change can be very beneficial if this feels right for you. Jan Spiller suggests in her book "New Moon Astrology" that you preface wishes with words such as "easily". For example, when wishing to eat right to lose weight, you could word your wish like this: "I wish to easily choose foods that would help me to easily lose weight". It's also good to think of this in a positive way. Instead of wishing to lose weight or not be in pain, it might be better to think of this as embracing good health.

Before I sign off, I have one last Virgoean thought: We are, as individuals, a unique "detail" or thread in the tapestry of humankind. Without each of you, humanity would be altered. You are much more important than you think you are. As a member of this precious (and troubled) planet, why not make sure that you are functioning at your best or higher self. If we all could improve ourselves in even one way, think of the profound shift this would create in the universe. This is the ultimate positive "domino effect"!

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