New Moon Report in Gemini: Connecting and Seeing Both Sides of a Situation

In the New Moon Sign Table of Gemini's symbol is "the Twins". Twins sum up the essence of this sign because each twin can simultaneously see the "other side" of any situation. When one twin sees the dark side, the other can see the light. When this versatile sign makes a decision it is based upon a unique ability to turn things upside down and inside out and see all aspects of a situation. The sign of Gemini has a reputation for being fickle. However, I see Gemini's changeable behavior--so prevalent in this sign--as Gemini's need for experimentation and fact seeking before a true decision is made. After some experimentation, Geminis do make decisions. Choosing from what is available around you (rather than dwelling upon what is not available) is empowering, and comes from a position of strength and abundance.

Simplicity Guides Us in Making the Best Decisions

Your life's course can be seen as a series of "yes" and "no" decisions. Gemini chooses what it desires after figuring out the best decision based upon what is available. Gemini is clever enough to find easy solutions through an exceptional ability to interact with his or her environment. This is a time when simplicity works well, when there is less need for abstract, complex resources to fill our needs. Gemini works quickly and comes up with easy success and simple solutions.

Geminis Power Helps in Communication

Geminis are information gatherers. They get to know their immediate environment by trying out various aspects of it, learning how their actions create an effect upon it, and through learning two-way communication. Geminis are master communicators! Although this sign produces great speakers and writers, what makes these people truly great is their ability to listen. They can hear the story of others as well as wait around to see and hear the reaction other people have to their words. When they communicate with others, they stay within the present moment. An evolved Gemini is able to get the most out of the present moment without dwelling on the past or the future.

Being a great listener is an art. When was the last time you ever tried completely listening to someone? This is a skill that takes work, but it is well worth it. It is important to do this with those you are close to, but it is also challenging to try it with the people you meet on a casual or chance basis. Try it with the man in the supermarket line, people that you communicate with at work, and just about anybody that you happen to speak with. This month it might be a fun challenge for us to listen closely to the message that people are conveying, and to ask them questions when they say things that we do not understand. When you ask questions, you show the other person that you are interested in them--that you are genuinely hearing them. When you actually do understand what the other person is telling you, their message becomes much more interesting and you come away nine times out of ten with a little more knowledge, and even a little more compassion. This is the spirit of Gemini. There is something to learn from everyone. The motivation behind Gemini's great listening qualities is an insatiable curiosity about the world around him/her.

A Time for Networking and Connecting

Gemini appreciates all of the interconnections around him/her. Life from the eyes of the "Twins" is one network of communication that exists between all people and all creatures of the earth. Gemini's spirit continually adapts to the ever-changing content of life as it taps into this network of words, events, and ideas. Gemini means versatility.

This month's goals or wishes should incorporate decision making, improving listening skills and communication, adaptability, short trips, community involvement, quick thinking, enjoying the present moment, being sociable, learning a new skill, finding easy solutions, being open to change.

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