New Moon Report for Aries: A Time for New Beginnings and Risk Taking

Aries a time of new beginnings and enthusiasm. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which signals the beginning of the Astrological year. The new moon powers in Aries then, is very significant as a time of beginnings and of making a fresh start. Aries signifies the renewal of the life force. It is no coincidence that it coincides with the beginning of spring!

Aries Asks Us to Live Fully

Aries' energy deals with "living" in the very vital sense of the word, as opposed to just existing. Life is something dynamic, merely existing is static or without change. Living is a fluid process because we are responding to events as they happen. We experience ourselves impacting on our environment in a very sincere and spontaneous way. This is a time to bring your enthusiasm about life out into the open. Your personality, in a refreshingly authentic way, has a chance to positively create changes in your life.

Aries New Moon Facts Tell Us to Try Something New

Aries' energy is like a wonderful dance of life that keeps us moving and joyously attracting energy to itself. This energy works like a magnet attracting the life force within us to join in the dance. This is the time to break out of the status quo if it has left us feeling stale and inexpressive. You may have maintained your life comfortably by not taking risks, but in the process you may have actually lost the essence and excitement of living. At this time it is better not to play it totally safe- but instead to fully live each moment and to act as though you cannot fail. This youthful exuberance and willingness to try new things can happen to you at any age. With this in mind, why not make a "to do list" of a few things that you'd like to try, or experience, or even say to someone, but until now never have because you lacked the courage.

New Moon Power of Aries Teaches Us to Love

Everything in life has a start. Under the influence of the New Moon powers that Aries offers you get your chance to initiate! This is a time when your actions make things happen for you in a positive way. The sign of Aries is the foundation upon which the rest of the astrological year stands. The other signs or influences will not amount to anything positive without the influence of Aries and the strong sense of self that this energy blesses us with. Aries teaches us to love and believe in ourselves first as a foundation for all other thoughts or actions. If there is an area of chronic self-doubt in your life this is the time to build a fresh start in that area. If there is something that you are aching to do, but irrational fear blocks you- this is the time to believe that you can conquer that fear and "push the envelope" just a little past your self- imposed barriers. You will know you are on the right track when you feel the exhilaration of experiencing yourself doing something you've always wanted to do. You'll become a different and stronger person in the process!

Aries Asks Us to Be Brave and Independent

This is a time when we must learn to think independently. At times other people may purposefully or inadvertently try to hold us back or exert a negative influence. When such conflict arises there are two basic approaches one can take to assert our sense of self. The more primitive and instinctual approach is to resist that which we do not want and react against it. This feels good in the moment, but unfortunately in the long term it only creates more resistance and thus ultimately more conflict. The more constructive and peaceful approach is to "create" a solution or approach to the problem rather than "react" emotionally to it. At times we must separate emotionally from those who are draining us of our life force energies.

The goal with the new moon powers in Aries is to constructively act on our inner impulses. While curbing the tendency for impulsiveness or being irresponsible, we are learning to self-initiate, to learn independence and autonomy and to be able to rely on ourselves. It's all up to you right now! This is the time to be your own trailblazer and to think for yourself. You would be amazed at how many answers you have to your own problems if you would just listen to and believe in yourself! May this be an amazing time for strength and discovery for all of us.

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