Love Relationships that are Karmic: Part 3 of 3

In this relationship article we’ll be looking at ways to make more conscious use of the evolutionary possibilities in a karmic relationship. Many of the suggestions for a successful relationship with karmic ties are identical to those you’ll find recommended for soulmates. In my opinion, all soulmate connections are karmic, but not all karmic relationships involve soulmates. Some may consider this a good thing, due to the fact that a soul mate relationship requires a large committment to our spiritual growth…and not necessarily the easy way.

Part two of this series describes some of the clues for understanding whether you’re involved in such a love relationship. When it has become obvious that we’re involved in a karmic relationship of some kind, there are certain things we can do to move it in the best direction. We can be in a karmic relationship with anyone, a lover, the postman, dear old mom, anyone. Rather than feel that we are a victim of this phenomenon, we can assume a perspective which is more positive, healthy and life-affirming.

In metaphysics, this means that we have to be willing to have faith in certain principles. In this situation, one could have faith in the idea that this relationship isn’t in your life to punish you, but instead, as a reward. You have been given the opportunity to advance your personal evolution through the dynamic of this relationship. View your situation as this: the person you are relating to is an angelic messenger for you, a special tutor in the game of human existence. With this perspective, you will tap into the God-Self of that person. This is an amazing experience.

Learning to do this is relatively easy, if you have the nerve to follow through with it. At issue of course, is the risk of opening up. One of the nice things about a karmic relationship is that there’s a degree of familiarity already, so opening one’s heart and soul can be somewhat easier. An open heart and soul are necessary to personal evolution. The idea is that this is a type of personal growth that will last you for more than one existence. Long term gains.

Communication is usually the key to making the relationship perform a positive function. This of course is a tool for opening up. To bring out the positive function of a karmic relationship, it is necessary that we confront the fact that this is what is happening and talk to the other person about it. This means that we have to discuss the condition of our soul with our friend and hopefully, they will return the favor. Right away this eliminates many of the karmic implications of the relationship, since getting through the secrets and illusions has mostly been accomplished.

What we must understand is that in a karmic relationship we are dealing with raw, vulnerable, soul stuff. The masks of ego are simply a distraction and can be rather ruthlessly violated if we do not open up willingly. This is where the unpleasant aspects of a karmic relationship can come in. Sometimes very little can happen in the relationship except for beating away at egoic structures, because neither party is willing to release them and learn their real lessons from each other.

The lessons that we have to learn from each other can be as varied as life itself. One may be certain however, that the lesson is deep, personal and one that, left to our own devices, we would probably avoid. This may be why such spiritual devices are part of our lives, to provide an external force to motivate the learning experience. Our “karmic buddy” is in our lives to assist in our learning, and we supply the same service to them.

Karmic relationships are valuable gifts that can help us on our spiritual journey. This can only occur however, if we’re willing to let go of the petty ego structures that we find useful as one-lifetime-only propositions. When we can take our entire spiritual existence into account and act from that perspective, major learning experiences can take place.

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