Universal Synchronicity: The Miracle of Finding a Soulmate

Due to the awesome synchronicity of the universe, we always come into contact with the people we most need in life. Although this may not be immediatly visible in our relationships, a minimal amount of exploration will show that synchronicity is the natural flow of energy. We we meet people we may need these people to teach or guide us in directions that ultimately serve our highest purpose. They may be here to challenge us to perform at a higher level. There could be situations that encourage us to open up to greater love in our lives. Universal sychronicity brings us in contract with our life opportunities which also includes finding our soulmate.

If you take an honest look at what you’ve gained from each contact with another person, you will probably find that they reflected back to you what you most needed from the universe at that moment. Even in uncomfortable situations, you may be learning better how to care for yourself or how to negotiate win-win outcomes. When we approach each interaction from the assumption that this person is a messenger, life changes. If we pay attention to the words, the situations and the context of our contact with this person, we can see the universe speaking to us through them. Universal synchronicity can also bring us karmic relationships.

We are each messengers. Whatever we have to say to another is what they most need as well. It just works out that way. You may look at this as a phenomenon of the Oneness of all life. At some level we are all connected with one another, and tend to respond at that level as well. We needn’t be conscious of this occurring in order for it to work. Increased consciousness of it however, makes us more of a beneficial presence in the world.

Increase your consciousness of the nature of synchronicity and the miracle of finding a soulmate or the reflections of karmic relationships. Listen to those around you as if their words dropped from the lips of a sage, or a saint, or a challenging teacher. You may find that indeed, the timing was as perfect as a miracle.


“It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognize each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is.”

— Hermann Hesse

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