Women’s Biological Clock : Timing for Relationship Compatibility

Long term relationship advice should also include an understanding of timing and emotional needs for waiting a relationship and creating inner compatibility. There’s an instinctual clock to romantic relationships that can sometimes become confusing. For women, one label for this is the “biological clock”, having to do with childbearing. Both men and women can have the “nesting urge” which describes the need to set up a domestic arrangement, and perhaps start a family. These needs are quite legitimate and need to be honored. There can be a conflict though, if these needs appear to be contrary to our conscious goals, or if the right partner isn’t immediately available.

I’m all in favor of natural instincts. In metaphysics, we can take the viewpoint that there is a natural synchronicity in the timing of our instinctual drives and our spiritual requirements. This means that if the instinctual drive is present, quite likely there is a corresponding spiritual need as well. As in all matters metaphysical, the point is to get the whole thing conscious. Instinctual drives are often considered to be unconscious, but to a large degree this is an erroneous assumption. When you’re hungry, you’re consciously aware of the need to eat, aren’t you?

It’s important to bring the instinctual drives to form relationships that are compatible with one’s spiritual needs. For example, one may have the nesting urge or sense the biological clock ticking down. If this is allowed to remain unconscious, one may act out an old behavior of looking for a temporary partner, such as visiting bars and picking up strangers. That’s the purpose of such meeting grounds, temporary affiliations. We’re talking about a different urge here. It’s necessary to make a conscious decision about a life partner. Are you seeking someone who wants to spend their time in singles bars? Unlikely. Get an image of what you want to do with a life partner. Perhaps you’ll enjoy haunting antique stores or spending time hiking together. This is the type of environment in which you’ll find your partner, through common interests. Besides which, getting clear with yourself on the type of person that you want in your life will attract them far sooner.

As you gain clarity on the harmony between instinctual drives and spiritual requirements, you may find a deeper contentment within yourself. Additionally, there is a tremendous metaphysical power in achieving this sort of integration within yourself. My advice, manifesting your long term relationship goals becomes far easier and more predictable when you’re in harmony with yourself. This way you are more apt to draw to you relationship compatibility on all levels.

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