Relationship Problems: The Fear of Healing

It sometimes happens that during relationship problems after an argument, a separation or a long period of taking a relationship for granted, we know that it's time for a healing but cannot bring ourselves to do so.

There can be several apparent reasons for this. Perhaps we fear that saying, "I'm sorry," will give our partner ammunition to use against us. Or, there could be a concern that if we are forgiving, it implies that the offense was alright and may be done again. Maybe we feel that we have become too distant from our partner and don't know how to bridge the gap.

In each of these situations, if there truly is love there, healing can happen. We can make it happen if we're open to allowing Divine assistance in the matter.

From our human perspective, we have a great deal to lose if we open ourselves to the humiliations of ego losses. It is a truism though, that we cannot have a truly loving relationship unless we're willing to sacrifice some ego. It is ego that's afraid to heal. It is ego that's afraid to take the risks inherent in opening our hearts. When we open ourselves to Divine assistance though, we're putting some padding on the ego, having something greater there to take the potential bumps and bruises and letting a force that is considerably wiser make the decisions for us.

Open your heart to your Higher Power. Choose to let It guide you and speak for you in your dealings with your partner. Let yourself know that the highest outcome will occur for both of you, and that you are both fully protected and your relationship problems are not bigger than the both of you.

We are in a time now when we are all faced with conflicts between ego choices and heart-based ones. For many of us, these conflicts are manifesting as romantic ones. Bring your Source into the matter. Let the healing of the problems in your relationships happen.