Long Term Relationship Advice - Tools for Building Trust through Teamwork

No matter what type of long term relationship, we can build bridges by working together which in turn creates trust. Metaphysical teamwork is a powerful process, one that can bring tremendous gain to all parties involved and help in developing trust. All that is involved is for each member of the "team", love relationship, or family, to understand very clearly the desires and goals of the others. Then, each member affirms, visualizes and meditates on fulfillment of these desires and goals for the others. Additionally, there will be group goals or aspirations which should be worked with as well.

This begins with communication. I've found that this sort of activity works best outside of the normal environment. On a drive, a picnic, perhaps in a restaurant, ideas can be discussed. I personally like greater privacy than a public place, but I've been known to do this sitting on a bench in a mall. This is intended to be a joyful and creative experience. You're sharing your inner desires and dreams for the future with those you love.

This can be an orderly activity with each person taking a turn in sharing what they'd like the other(s) to visualize and affirm for them, or it can be a free-for-all brainstorming session. The point is for each person to get a clear idea of what each other person wants. If need be, spell out your understanding, "You want me to visualize you white-water rafting down the Colorado River next April, right?"

Being a goal-oriented person, I have done this in every adult relationship I've been involved with. As such, I've learned some of the pitfalls as well as some techniques to smooth the way.

Let go of jealousy

This is an important step, one which we may not wish to confess to. If our partner or sibling particularly, is achieving something that we want, we may unintentionally hold back our full support. This is easily enough dealt with, if we are willing to communicate what it truly is that we want. If we can articulate our own desires, there is no need to covet the achievments of another.

You may think of something that makes it easier for you to support your loved ones.

Perhaps visualizing your 14 year old son on a white-water rafting trip is just too anxiety provoking for you. Then, how about visualizing meeting him at the place where they complete this trip. You're peaceful and relaxed, and said son is joyful and bubbling over about his wonderful trip. Remember, you don't have to figure out how to make this visualization work in life. You just have to know that it will work, and turn over the details to Spirit.

Keep talking until everyone feels fully understood.

What makes this work is the whole-hearted support of everyone involved. If I tell you my dream, but feel that you'll only support it within your set of limitations, neither of us will be open-hearted in the matter. If this is occurring, then take the time to thrash out the details. I have told you that I need to live out my rebel tendencies. However, you have a need to see me stay out of jail. We can work out a compromise that can help us both fully support this dream. Perhaps we can both see me in an environment that supports alternative lifestyles. That's one option, there can be plenty more. This is what makes this technique so wonderful between loved ones. You love me enough to want to see me happy, and I love you enough to not want you to go through unnecessary trauma on my behalf. This foundation of love ensures that we can work it out.

This doesn't have to be a one-time activity. You can schedule it as a treat as a weekly or monthly gift to yourselves. After all, what could be more fun than sharing your fondest hopes and wishes with people who want you to have them, and doing the same in return?

Your long term relationships can benefit deeply from practicing these metaphysical tools. Working together as a team is really powerful for manifesting and building trust.