Long Term Relationship Advice - Finding Your Soulmate: Part 2

As we continue our exploration on finding your soulmate let's discuss a metaphysical approach to relationships. This is very different from the "usual" perspective so in looking long term let's look at it for a different persepective. The reason for this is that the concept of Universal Good permeates the whole situation and all people involved. I've gotten several responses from my readers about difficulties regarding soulmates. Most of these difficulties have involved one person believing that they've found their soulmate and the other being either unaware or uncommunicative. I'm going to attempt to clarify the metaphysical position on this sort of situation.

Advice is, it generally takes work on one's own soul before conditions are right for a soulmate to enter the picture. Metaphysically speaking, a great deal of that work seems to involve being able to accept one's highest good without restriction, inhibition or delay. The principle is that unadulterated good is available to each of us, dependent only upon our ability to receive and/or accept it.

If there is a problem with finding one's soulmate, it's not the soulmate's problem, it's one's own. This is a core principle in metaphysics. It is our own attitudes, beliefs and opinions which form our experience of life. In a relationship, it is our perception of the other, not the other themselves which determines our fate.

For example:I have perceived my desired partner as being incapable or unwilling to accept our connection. If I change my mind about this, decide that my soulmate and I are both ready, willing and able to connect, what will happen? There are a variety of possibilities and here are two of the most probable.

Something may change for the person I'm interested in.

Nothing will change for that person, but another, "righter" individual will show up in my life.

This technique is ruined if we assume that the person we're interested in, must be the one or that they must respond in a specific fashion. There's a very simple reason for this, and the term for it is "outlining". Outlining in a metaphysical treatment demands that the solution to our issue be found within certain predefined parameters. It's a big universe and the right thing for you probably isn't within those parameters or you'd already have what you wanted. Such is the nature of the Laws of Metaphysics. When the treatment is done "open-ended", there is no downside. If you're going to get what you want anyway, is it so important that it happen exactly the way you think it should? Remember, interaction with a soulmate requires a loosening of ego issues, and our pre-conceived ideas are part of our ego structure.

What if we're wrong? Like many other life situations which can be addressed through metaphysical techniques, it can be frightening to contemplate how much good can actually be available. For many of us, just the fact of meeting someone we can connect with on a soul level is an amazing experience. There is often a deep sense of familiarity, and a feeling of being better understood than ever before. But what if there were many soul connections available to us? In my opinion, a soulmate is a one-shot deal, but soul connections are many and these people can be in our lives to teach us a number of different things.

I've seen a pattern in the events which lead up to a soulmate connection for several different couples. Prior to the connection, one person may get very enamoured of someone with whom they have a strong soul connection. This is unrequited love. The person who is the object of this attention is frequently unaware of their impact, and thus gives unexpected responses. This can be very painful. However, when the attachment to this unresponsive individual is released, the real soulmate is found, usually very quickly.

In my opinion this is a learning experience for the soul to be able to find a long term partner. The soul is always answerable to a Higher Authority, and until that is given seniority over the preferences of the conscious mind, forward movement is halted. If we assume that this Higher Authority has our highest good in mind, it only makes sense to "turn over the wheel" to That Which Has All The Answers.

So what's our long term relationship advice when trying to find your soulmate? Be flexible and open to possibility while letting attachments go.

Famous Quote:

"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time."

--Andre Gide

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