Womens Relationship Advice: Negative Emotions and the Highest Good for All

Many women seek relationship advice on issues of jealousy. Sometimes it is when they are jealous of their spouse getting attention from other women. Other times its their partner who is jealous of the attention they get. What do we do with the negative emotions that arise, such as jealousy, greed, and envy--to name a few. Let's look at what we can do to transform negative emotions from a metaphysical view.

Some of us have a problem with others apparently doing better than we are. This can take the form of envy, jealousy or greed. It may also cause us to feel badly about ourselves, become depressed or frustrated. When we experience these reactions, we've missed the point and no matter how much relationship advice you get, unless you can get back into one's center powerlessness is the only result.

Life isn't set up to make us miserable. Only we can do that. When we produce unhappiness for ourselves due to being exposed to the happiness or good of another, we have robbed ourself of a significant opportunity. In metaphysics, frequently all that is required in order to manifest a major change in life is an image or a visualization. When we allow ourselves to be disturbed by a manifestation of good in someone else's life, we intentionally blind ourselves to it. This ensures that this image cannot be a part of our experience, thus we are holding off a similar manifestation in our own lives.

We've all encountered bitter, unhappy people who full of negative emotions telling them that they've been cheated in life. They will be viciously upset at the good that others may draw to them, resenting the fact that they are not getting the same thing themselves. They may rationalize that they are more "deserving" of that good than the ones who did receive it. If you think about it, I suspect that you'll see that these people's lives did not improve unless or until they altered their attitude. These unhappy individuals have deprived themselves of their good by resenting, and thus hoping for the removal, of the good of others. This is what happens. When we resent or have another negative emotion about another's good, we are in some degree hoping that this good will end. That is the visualization that we are holding onto, and that is what we will manifest in our own lives. The removal of a good that we desire. Oops.

It is far better to celebrate the good of others with them. As well as showing kindness, it is truer to our natural state. We will naturally be pleased with life going well. Unless we are filling our consciousness with negative thoughts about others, we will perceive the good of another as something that "rubs off" on us. In some esoteric to practical sense, we have contributed to this good. We can accept the good of another as proof that, indeed, Good Happens.

Start watching your reactions to another's success or glad tidings. Notice whether you are sincerely happy for them, or if you come away feeling worse than before it happened. If you have the latter response and feel emotions like jealousy, greed, or envy, then it's time to have a talk with yourself. Pull out this column if you want. Convince the you who is reacting with negative emotional responses, that this is not in your best interest. Tell you that just because another succeeds, it is not cause for remorse. Allow the inner generosity that is latent within you come to the surface and enjoy the celebration.

Woman to woman, we are wonderful at giving advice to one another. Include supporting your women friends on best ways to work with negative remotional responses. We can work together for the highest and best good for all.