Reiki for Depression - And Other Useful Tips to Beat the Blues

Judith & Chris who teach Chikara Reiki Do have offered some tips for assisting those with mild depression. When you get really stuck in the negative energy of depression you need not worry, for help is at hand...literally.

If you are familar with Reiki energy, you simply draw and/or imagine the Tibetan Master Symbol on the ends of your Fire fingers. Then gently lean forward and rest the tips of your Fire Fingers to your temples. (Sort of like if you were going to shoot yourself in either side of your head...but with the Reiki energy from your finger of course!) Just imagine gentle bolts of Reiki shooting from finger to finger through your forehead. And let this energy run for as long as feels comfortable.

As you are practicing this powerful Reiki technique you are actually dislodging your negativity. Next you will need to soften and bring back balance to your thought processes. This can be done quite simply by sitting quietly and with your hands gently resting over your solar plexus. Simply use the Raku Symbol whilst imagining these soothing Reiki ripples entering your body and flowing up and down your spine. What is especially nice, is you will find this very to be very comforting and grounding.

For those who wish to also accompany Reiki with other healing assistance here are some tips to help you feel better.

A great healer is Laughter. Yes, we know finding something to laugh about, when you're in the depths of doom and gloom, isn't easy, but watching a DVD which you normally find hilarious can really help. It's wise to have a funny movie in your DVD collection. Humor is such a help, especially when we can laugh at ourselves.

If watcing something funny isn't an option you are willing to consider, then call a friend or visit them. You surely have someone who's always a good laugh to be with and knows how to make you laugh.

Another great way for overcoming the blues, as long as it's not the blues you're listening to of course, is playing some good music. Play a few tunes from your favorite energy filled music, or songs that reflect positive and uplifting memories.

Another option is to work on a physical level to get your energy moving. Do some heavy work such as moving furniture, digging in your garden or breaking some rocks for various spots in your yard. Just getting up and moving your body is key. If the weather is good, try hitting some tennis balls, or playing racket ball. Just getting up and moving your body is the key and a little agression can really help move any stuck energy.

Doing productive activities will also perk you up too. Think positively about your life and the things you already have and try not to dwell on problems by reminding yourself that all things change in due time. You can also take your dog for a walk and relish in the animal's unending enjoyment at seeing and being with you. Pets provide so much loving energy and sometimes, simple undemanding love is all we need.

Oh yes, as a quick dietary tip: Try eating less bread or giving it up altogether, as wheat can act as a depressant. There are so many great alternatives to white flour and processed wheat products from which to choose.

Of course, all the suggestions given above may not apply to everyone. And if you have more than mild depression it is important to find guidance and support. But for those who are dealing with the blahs, or mild depression give some of these suggestions a try and who knows...maybe they can help just a little.

We all have more important things to do in life than feel blue and depressed. Keep this thought in-mind and may your life be filled with more joyful moments and a better over all attitude. Remember you are the one who gets to live with yourself and often it is just a choice...make a decision to be happy, that can turn things around.

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