Reiki: Divine Love - Crown Chakra: Part 7

You've made it to the top, well done. You are well on your way to exploring the many benefits of Reiki in your day to day life. What a wonderful technique and way to share energy healing as a resource and potential therapy.

From up here you have a great vantage point and can really see for miles.

Up here, of course, is the crown chakra - right on the top of your head - and it resonates to the color white. (Violet and gold too, at times). But we prefer white, as it is symbolic of all the colors.

To energize this chakra, as with the sixth, eat all colors of the spectrum type foods... preferably raw and with mostly 70% water content.

Now, as you are aware, we are a three-part being...

Body, mind and spirit.

Think of the body as representing happiness - the mind as representing joy and the spirit as representing peace.

Inner happiness comes when you meet the needs of your physical self... and it radiates outwards.

Inner joy comes when you meet the wants of your emotional self... and it radiates outwards.

Inner peace comes when you meet the desires of your spiritual self... when you follow the nature of who you are... and this radiates outwards too.

Bring all these aspects of yourself together and you can experience a state of blissful contentment...

And Reiki is tremendously helpful here.

Reiki makes you more of who you already are, and as you will come to understand... less, really is more.

As you expand, through Reiki, parts of you drop away - they are no longer important to you.

Suddenly this huge you is standing there, in all your glory.

You feel serene and confident... you don't have to do anything - you simply are.

Everything becomes pleasurable and fun, because you chose it, and you are now fully aware of this...

You now know, that it is you who creates your reality. It is you - and no one else - who makes what happens happen.

Life is enjoyable.

Even the hard bits are more fun, because you no longer take things personally... you don't take it all so much to heart, anymore.

Your life is now freer, less cluttered.

You have begun to understand that life is glorious, just the way it is...

That everybody is where they are at, right now, because - consciously or unconsciously - they chose to be there. In that very place, in that very position.

Everything is perfect - it can't be any other way.

Your peaceful serenity will be like a beacon to others. And you will often find - more and more - that people are drawn to you in the midst of their own struggles.

From your vantage point, you may well be able to see the bigger picture for them. And...

You'll find you can support and guide them, if necessary, but without having to get so emotionally involved.

You can see, quite clearly - and respect - that it is the person's own choices and decisions that have brought them to this point - and you know it is exactly right for them.

At level seven, you are deeply connected to the divine. You realise that this is what physical life is all about...

The cut and the thrust.

You know that this is where everyone wants to be... in the thick of it... up to their elbows.

There are no accidents.

If they had really wanted to be leading a different life - then they would be leading it.

Everyone is free to choose - only most people don't know it.

Chikara-Reiki-DoTM, the name we have given to the whole body system of Reiki we have developed, is about choosing total freedom - a lifestyle that suits you.

By choosing to love, honor and respect the spirit and nature of who you are - you can redefine your life.

With the right knowledge you can open any door.

With the right knowledge, you can have a happy, healthy body.

With the right knowledge, you can have a positive mental attitude, full of creative ideas.

With the right knowledge, your spirit will soar peacefully.

There is nothing to learn... all the knowledge is inside you right now. You just have to remember it - that's all.

Using Chikara-Reiki-DoTM as a tool for your expansion is simple and straight forward.

In its simplicity lies its power... no fluff... no clutter.

We hope you have enjoyed this short mini-course and that maybe it has opened a door within you... the door to remembering who you are.

If we never connect with you again, take our best wishes with you, along with the sincere hope that you accomplish all of your dreams... and fulfill your heart's desire.

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This energy healing therapy mini course is written by husband and wife team, Judith & Chris Conroy. To learn more about Reiki, please click > Reiki Master Tuition Cost Information