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Spiritualism and Clairvoyance for Beginners: The Journey Within and Beyond - Part 3 of 3

Chapters pertaining to the interpretation of ones psychic experiences, the appearance and use of symbols, and the practice of psychometry to enhance ones journey are full of valuable information. Discussions about clairaudience (i.e. clear hearing), clairgustance (i.e. clear smelling), clairsentience (i.e. clear sensing), x-ray clairvoyance, medical clairvoyance, traveling clairvoyance, and omen premonitions are presented along with numerous other exercises.

Owens believes that to be successful in developing ones psychic abilities one needs to make a serious commitment to the process. According to her, it's "practice, practice, practice" that can make all of the difference in bringing this world into contact with the Other world. Such practice is required just like that needed by someone who is learning to play the piano or trying to play golf like Tiger Woods. Owens guides the reader in their practice by providing them with a general roadmap that includes nineteen exercises ranging from predicting the color, suit, and/or face value of playing cards, to inviting spirits to join a session with you and a friend to convey information/messages to such a friend.

The "Workbook" section provides handy, blank, lined-writing pages to record your meditation observations, reading notes, and the like. A "Resources for Development" list provides contact information, including the mediums that were cited throughout the book, the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment Edgar Cayce Foundation. A glossary explains the meaning of words from alpha brain waves to white light. The book concludes with a recommended reading list that includes Jess Stearn's 1967 "The Sleeping Prophet" and the classic "Creative Visualization" written by Shatki Gawain.

Elizabeth Owen's "Spiritualism and Clairvoyance for Beginners" is the latest addition to Llewellyn Publishing's Beginners Series of books which include "Astrology for Beginners," "Divination for Beginners," "Magick for Beginners," and "Meditation for Beginners." Having read a number of other books that were aimed at teaching individuals how to enhance their psychic capabilities, I can say that Owen's book, while an easy, "user-friendly" type read, is also an insightful recitation that provides valuable exercises to assist you on your psychic journey. Whether you're in the beginning stages of such a journey or you've traveled the path for a considerable length of time, this book warrants your attention.

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