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"Accepting Your Resurrection," by Christie Bates McKaskle

By Nora Caterino

The concept of resurrection to many people refers only to the resurrection of Jesus and the future resurrection of Christians from the dead upon their transfiguration into new heavenly, eternal spiritual bodies.

There is a lot more to the meaning of this word resurrection. Every single night we go to sleep, much like a form of death, only to be resurrected by awakening the next morning.

In this innovative concise work, McKaskle points out that a very important form of resurrection is available to every one of us every single day; that is spiritual resurrection.

This book is not a religious work, although it is very much about Jesus. His life, His holiness and His human side are all explored but not in the dull, boring way so many books about the type of life Jesus lived are written. It is very much an interesting, compelling spiritual work.

The fact that we are offered an eternal link to life by living each day in the now, to the fullest, living in the way that God intends for us to live, allows us to resurrect spiritually and to live in happiness and fullness. When a person drifts away from the Kingdom of God, McKaskle states, that person experiences a painful loss that is very much like death. The situation becomes painful because something important is missing in life.

People who find themselves in this situation tend to turn to the same methods that have failed in the past. One of these methods is traditional religion - not spiritual awakening and rebirth but the pew-warming type of religion that so many people practice. However, this form of religion which lacks spiritual contact with God simply doesn't fill the hole in their lives and hearts that only a deep relationship with God and Jesus can fill. In fact, this pew-warming religion offers a "parachute" just in case the Biblical prophecies are real, yet God often can't even be found in the equation. And, when God is brought into the picture, it is all too seldom on a real, personal, every day level that people can readily relate to and implement in their daily lives to maintain a lifestyle providing fulfilling spiritual contact with God and, as a result, eternal life.

McKaskle's work is not about New Age religion. It is about New Thought, reviving the teachings of Jesus Christ about how to live, how to treat others, and how to find happiness on a daily basis. The New Thought does not offer a God to be scared of, a mean and vengeful God. Instead, it teaches about the God that loves, forgives, and can be known through a very real personal friendship.

There are more honest, realistic spiritual building blocks offered in this short, easy to read book than in any similar work I have ever found. In a nutshell, McKaskle shares how to ask "What would You have me do?" and, by so praying, to resurrect spiritually into a life that God shines through you so that others can clearly see Him in you.

If you are already living a spiritual life, you'll enjoy this work immensely. However, if you are a person experiencing the pain and suffering of a life that lacks purpose and fulfillment, seeking but never finding happiness and satisfaction with life, you MUST read this book to find the simple answers you need to turn your life upside down.

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