Owning Your Life: Self Meditation - Part 4 of 4

Meditation is a very helpful part of the metaphysical process. Since the practice of metaphysics is a spiritual activity, it is necessary to connect on a spiritual basis with the Source of your being. I suggest a contemplative form of self meditation, wherein you get relaxed, and allow your mind to examine a particular concept. I often do this just before going to sleep, but you may find it more effective to do so at a more alert time of day. This needn't be an extended activity, usually 10-15 minutes per day is fine.

Get comfortable in a chair that supports your body well, or lie down. Allow yourself to feel the Presence of your Higher Power. Contemplate these ideas:

You were created in the image and likeness of your Creator. You were given dominion over your life. It is right, necessary and obvious that you be able to create your life in the way that seems best to you.

Don't be concerned if your mind comes up with arguments about this. Allow these thoughts to simply pass through, without resistance or debate. All that you're doing is contemplating these ideas. As long as you don't shy off from these ideas, but instead are willing to look at them squarely, they have no power over you. The goal here is for you to establish your own perspective on these matters, not simply to buy into my ideas about them. But allow yourself to also consider how these concepts could be true, in the light of your own knowledge and experience.

Doing this self guided meditation daily for a week gives you the opportunity to become very clear about your own beliefs in the matter. The day in between each self meditation will allow these ideas to "percolate" in your mind, giving you new ways of looking at the matter in your next self guided meditation.

The Universe around us conforms to the tendency of our thoughts.

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