100 Ways to Create My Own Reality: Part 1 of 4

Do you every wonder about the nature of reality?

Why one person may perceive a situation one way, and another may see the same set of circumstances quite differently?

This is because, essentially, we create our own perceptions of reality.

Therefore we can influence the nature of our surroundings and how we relate to them. So let's discuss some tools to aid in our abilities of reality creation.

Affirmations are an essential part of the metaphysical process. This is because it is the tendency of our thoughts that the Universe conforms to. If we wish to change a particular tendency of our thoughts, we must create a new one. This requires repetition. In order for thoughts to have a tendency, there is a habitual pattern that we repeat to ourselves on a regular basis. Affirmations create a different sort of repetition, one that we have consciously chosen.

I will be providing both a long and short form of affirmation. The long form of the affirmation should be written, preferably by hand, 30 times per day. This provides a physical reinforcement of the affirmation by putting your personal energy into it. The short form of the affirmation needs to be repeated to yourself a minimum of 100 times per day. Preferably this is spoken aloud as often as possible, perhaps in the shower or while driving to work. Other repetitions may be said to yourself silently, but do them over and over again every moment that you think of them.

The Unabridged Version

What follows is the long form of the affirmation. I suggest that in addition to writing it down 30 times on paper every day, you also write it on a few index cards. Post these on your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator door and your car dashboard. Let them catch you eye each time you encounter them, and read them through in their entirety.

I know that my life is exactly what I have expected it to be. I accept that I have created my life based on my attitudes, expectations and beliefs. I understand that as I have created my life in this way, I may also change it in any way that I choose to.

I Create My Own Reality

This is the short form of the affirmation, "I create my own reality". It is short, sweet and to the point, letting your subconscious mind know exactly what you're talking about. You may be surprised at how quickly 100 repetitions of this statement goes throughout your day. There are a couple of things you can do to make this more interesting. You can make a tune out this and sing or hum it to yourself. Do it with a drum-beat by tapping on your desk.

These affirmation repetitions need to done daily for at least a week, then proceed to lesson two.

The Universe around us conforms to the tendency of our thoughts.

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