Taking A Life Inventory: Journaling Exercise - Part 3 of 4

The Universe around us conforms to the tendency of our thoughts.

Sorry, there just aren't any exceptions to this principle. No matter what our lives may look like, we have knowingly or unknowingly created them to be the way they are because they reflect the tendency of our thoughts. Bummer, huh? This means that the good, the bad and the fattening in our lives has gravitated into our existence because at some level of our minds, this is what we thought would probably happen. We did the scripting of this particular play, and the good news is that we have re-writing privileges.

Just as a magnet will pull iron filings to it in a pattern that conforms to its shape, so will the Universe bring together events and circumstances which conform to the shape of our thoughts and beliefs. So, if we habitually expect that Mondays are difficult days, then sure enough, the Universe will be terribly co-operative in proving us to be exactly right. We'll pause a moment here to let you get past blaming the world for the things you didn't like in your life... Done already? OK, lets see what can be done about assuming more control.

Taking Inventory

The first exercise consists of taking inventory of your life situations and getting clear on what thoughts of yours created them this way.

We're going to be examining broad categories. For example, what about your love life? Are you satisfied with it? More importantly, does it feel comfortable or natural to you? Whatever it's condition is, this is a reflection of what you have expected it to be. Perhaps not what you have wanted it to be, but what you have expected. The idea here is to get clear about what your expectations have been.

Tip: It doesn't help the process if you get angry or judgemental with yourself. Go through this exercise with the assumption that whatever you created, you had a good reason to do so at the time. It's the truth.

This exercise involves journaling. You may do this with pen and paper, or on your keyboard. With each of the categories listed, write down whatever comes to you about your thoughts and feelings on this area of your life. You won't be graded on this, nor do you have to share it with anyone else if you don't want to. The goal is to simply get you comfortable with seeing the connection between life situations and your expectations of these situations.

Here's a short list of life areas to journal about:

Romantic Relationships




These are some sample questions to aid in getting the ideas flowing: What do I usually think about this?

Realistically, I expect that life in this area will... (fill in the blank).

When I think about this area I feel... (fill in the blank).

What we want you to include in this journaling exercise are ideas, feelings, expectations and beliefs about the different areas of you life for you. This way you can capture and connect to how:

The Universe around you conforms to the tendency of your thoughts.

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