Prosperity Creation: Building Your Bank Account

How often have your heard someone say, “If only I could win the lotto, my problems would be over!” Far to often. It’s like a quick fix into the jugular of a bank account would be the solution for creating a prosperous life. Far to often, those who win end up back where they were in the beginning, because they didn’t create inner wealth building awareness.

Another interesting thing to note is people rarely win money from playing the lotto, although I know it does happen. More often than not it becomes a detraction from building up one’s bank account through the exchange of dollars for creative action.

Metaphysicians who practice successful prosperity consciousness often find that affirming luck or winning is actually limiting to their wealth. This is because Universal Mind works best open-ended. We’re more likely to succeed if we focus on a more specific result than money initially, such as a nicer home. This gives our consciousness permission to allow that to manifest in a number of different ways, not just through getting a lottery jackpot. It could come as a gift, a job perk, an inheritance, any number of different ways. This is a better wealth building attitude to ensure your bank account builds rather than dwindles while you buy lottery tickets and wait for the big one.

We can acknowledge seeing a specific amount of money in our bank account. No outlining of how it gets there, just that it is there. Our confidence in our ability to manifest grows when we take it gradually. We’re able to be calmer, as gambling tends to excite the nerves and mess up the prosperity work as well. The metaphysician is looking for permanent, stable gain which includes peace of mind.

Let’s keep our faith in the flow of universal abundance open rather than limiting it to thinking that only the lottery could bring us wealth. Here is a wealth building affirmation for correcting your prosperity destiny and enlivening your vision of possibility.

“Money comes easy and effortlessly, for money knows how to flow directly to me.”

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