Prosperous Mindset: Let Me Count My Blessings

"Count Your Blessings" is an honored tradition in creating a prosperous mindset. Many people believe that the more dissatisfied they are with what they have, the more will come to them. So, by complaining to themselves and anyone else who will listen, they will enumerate the good things they don't have and are lacking.

This is tragically mistaken. Consciousness and Universal Energy gravitate to where the action is. If you're focusing attention on scarcity and lack, guess what? That's what you'll get. This is a basic principle of Metaphysics; you get what you put your attention on.

Make a list of the good in your life. If you have a small bank account, be grateful for what's in there and the fact that you have an account at all. Count the kindnesses you receive throughout the day, someone's courtesy or simple acknowledgement of your presence. Back off from the habit of counting the chickens that aren't there and start listing the ones that are.

You can easily observe this principle in practice. Watch someone who complains a great deal. Notice how they keep attracting more of the difficulty they complain about. It's a viscious loop. On the other hand, watch yourself or someone else stop complaining about a difficulty in life and begin finding things about it that are actually good. In a remarkably short time (hours or days), the situation will improve.

This is especially important for those who experience bouts of depression. Psychological depression (not chemical), is often aggravated by a continuous focus upon the negative situations in life. It isn't that these situations may not exist, but why rub salt into the wound? Many of our toughest lessons in life are those from which we gain a great deal. Don't miss the value of the lesson by focusing on it's difficulty.

Let yourself feel good about what you have. Don't be "consciousness stingy" with gratitude for the gift of life. Remember that what you put out in consciousness is what you'll get back.

Try this prosperity quote to show appreciation for what you have and to also engage a prosperous mindset for attracting prosperity destiny and vision for creating wealth and abundance:

"Thank you Universe, I want more!"

Famous Quote:

"The mind is its own place, and in it self Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n." 

John Milton - Paradise Lost