Developing a Positive Prosperous Attitude: The Waking Dream

An interesting technique in occult meditation is called the "waking dream". The technique is similar to what a child employs when playing "let's pretend". The child will alter their perception to actually see themselves in the game they're playing. They literally perceive themselves as the superhero, the princess or the fireman. This is the "waking dream".

We all know what this feels like. Unfortunately, we've also been strongly conditioned to lay childish things aside. It may be time to pick this one up again. Known as one of the most powerful techniques for manifestation, it could be well worth your while. Let's explore an adult version.

In a quiet room, pull your thoughts together into an image of yourself at your desired level of prosperity. Allow youself to feel the attitude you would have in that situation. You may feel more energized, you may feel more languid, but let that feeling permeate your body. Then start moving. How would you move differently at that level of prosperity? How would you hold your head, what would your posture be? Remember in children's "let's pretend", in order for the game to work, you need to act out the behavior. Do so.

As you allow yourself to practice this be aware of how different this is from your normal behavior. It is, isn't it? Well, your old behavior is what's keeping you at the undesirable level of prosperity. In metaphysics, the practice is known as "acting as if". This means acting as if the named goal were already manifested. This draws the energy of the Universe to accomodate your new state of being. Work out how you can employ the new posture, new movements into your everyday life.

Start using what you've learned. Allow yourself to use this behavior in your daily life. Let the "waking dream" take over to a limited degree in how you function. Be a bit more generous. Allow yourself to be grateful for this new lifestyle you've received. Keep practicing! You will find your abilities for wealth building

Motivational Quote:

"To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men -- that is genius."

Ralph Waldo Emerson