Positive Wealth Building Action: Fuel the Fire by Generating Energy

For a quick boost to your wealth building and prosperity destiny and vision, consciously generating energy can help. To do this, start creating more activity in the area of wherever your income comes from.

Some examples of this:

If your money and income is based on the number of sales you make, then call old customers. Find out if they're ready for the next service or product, or ask if they have a friend who's ready for what you have to sell.

Perhaps you're dependent upon a regular paycheck. In this case, look for ways that you can contribute to the income production of your job. For instance, if you're a secretary you can find ways to better your boss's ability to bring money into the company.

In that same vein, there are those of you whose partner is the sole provider for your household. In this case, what can you do extra to help support them? At the very least, your objective perspective can help with brainstorming, that is, coming up with fresh ideas to help your partner increase his/her income.

A self-employed person can advertise in a favorite publication, talk to their best customer, and spend time honing their tools and skills.

Don't be surprised if additional income begins to appear, but not from the sources you've put energy into. This is often how manifestation occurs. The point is that you've put your good energy into your universe and now it is circulating back to you. It simply returns through the clearest and most available channel.

Employ this technique of energy generation whenever there's a slump in your income. This will get you back on track and manifesting wealth and your prosperity goals, destiny, and vision once again.