Creating Wealth: Use It or Lose It

A corollary to the maxim that gratitude encourages greater wealth and prosperity is that if we do not appreciate what we have, it tends to disappear.

All too often I have seen metaphysicians who expend a great deal of effort and energy in affirming prosperity neglect home, friends, their vehicle or relationships. In so doing these valuable connections become worn or lost. Thus, not only have they not increased their prosperity, they have diminshed it.

Let's look at how this happens.

Obviously if we are neglecting our loved ones, the potential exists that they will begin to look elsewhere to get their emotional needs fulfilled. It is hurtful to be neglected or ignored, and demeaning as well. Friends and loved ones are always our greatest source of wealth, and we are impoverished when they are lost. Our true wealth cannot help but increase when we nurture and nourish these relationships.

What about our material possessions? More times than I can recall, I've known people who have been affirming that they would attract a new vehicle into their life. While they were doing this, in consciousness they were disparaging the current vehicle, i.e., "It's old, ugly, requires too much work, etc.". Shortly, the current vehicle breaks down, needing expensive maintenance or a decent burial. Obviously, this makes it necessary to procure a new vehicle, but not under the circumstances that were desired.

In order to increase our wealth and prosperity, it is necessary to understand what has value to us. Friends, family and other loved ones, of course are vital. There are also the people, situations and possessions without which we could not survive. If you work at home, you must care for your home. If you do a great deal of driving, taking time for your vehicle is imperative. If you have a chronic illness, staying on good terms with your caretaker(s) is only sensible.

As you are affirming a new and higher level of wealth and prosperity, do not invalidate the good that is already yours. Instead, be grateful for what you have now, nurture it and care for it, and you will attract more abundance into your life.