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Building Wealth and Prosperity: How to Get It and How to Keep It

By Bryan Ridste, R.Sc.P.

Some say prosperity is wealth, some say joy, some say a rewarding relationship. I say prosperity is all these things and more much more. I say Life is unlimited and it is my desire to pass on to you the secrets to having a Prosperous, Easy, Loving, Supported, Joyous, Abundant life.

I have included four principles that will serve you and create unlimited change, growth, prosperity and joy in your life. By practicing the four prosperity principles each day your success is guaranteed. How fast this occurs is up to you.


Intention is knowing and being clear about your life purpose. Your life purpose is what you are here in this life to do. You will know what that is by paying attention to what works and what does not work in your life.

What works in your life? What is it that when you are engaged in doing it, seems like fun, joy and creates energy in you. You feel energized and alive. What is it that leaves you more joyous and masterful.

When you are clear about your life intention you are able to focus all your energy on something that not only serves you, it also serves the greater good. As you go through your day constantly ask yourself,"Does this serve the greater good? Does this bring me closer to my intention?"

It is helpful to remember that baby steps are most productive. Not everything has to come together at once.

Realizing that you are only responsible for your choices helps eliminate self defeating thoughts and actions. All your energy can now be focused towards the accomplishment of your life intention.


Preparation is reading, going to school, formal and informal discussion and above all else asking questions about everything. Argue pro and con until you come to some point of understanding about the 'why' of a thing. This process helps you convert information into wisdom. Wisdom is when you understand a concept so well that you are able to explain it to others in your own words. When you are able to contrast what you understand in relation to new information to bring about further comprehension. Continuing this process leads to greater wisdom, which serves the higher good.

Preparation allows you to make more informed choices. Only when we view life from a different prospective are we able to make different choices about the same or similar subject. This is what propels us forward toward more life.


Attention is about staying in the present moment. Actually being in your body and observing what is going on with you and around you. Your body will give you very important clues which will help you make more informed choices.

Knowing and being clear about what serves the highest good, choosing to stay focused on your intention, having created more informed choices for your self, you are able to seize the moment when it arrives.

Stay awake, be aware of your choices moment to moment.


Action is actually doing something towards your intention.

Action is the purpose for which you have prepared, you are now in the driver's seat. Choose the best you can and take ACTION.

Action also completes the loop. Action leads to further understanding which leads to more informed choices which leads to living a fuller life.


Realize that you are in charge of your choices find out why, prepare and make more informed choices.

Pay attention, this is your life and you are the only one who can make decisions about it. Real life can be more fun and provide more growth and adrenaline rushes that any other form of entertainment.

Go for it, make the best choice you can and do it, just do it. Life is good and if you stay with it I guarantee you will discover for your self that life is Abundant, Prosperous, Joyous, Easy and Extraordinary.

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Love and Blessings,