Finding Happiness: Do What You Love

Spending our days in an occupation which makes us miserable is not prosperity, no matter what amount of money comes in. True prosperity consciousness is an awareness of the abundance and joy of living, not soul-compromising scraping by to get by. This creates an embittered situation because it is based on fear; the fear that we cannot do any better than this.

I don't mean by this that you should immediately quit your job and start selling paintings on the streetcorner. Although that may be a satisfying expression of your creativity, the shock to your system could undo the possible good. Instead, practice your visualization and affirmation techniques to know that you will succeed by doing the activity which brings you the greatest pleasure. Remember, the fear has to be released first, and this will aid in doing so.

You may be convinced that the only way that you can make your expenses is by continuing in a job that leaves you feeling hopeless and helpless. Please be aware that this idea is a side-effect of the original compromise of your talent and creativity. You really can be your own talented and creative self and still be able to survive. In metaphysics we know that our lives are created by what we believe to be so. If you believe that the only way you can make both ends meet is to sell your soul, well then sure enough, that's how it is! However, you are able to change your mind. For many of us these are conditioned beliefs instilled by parents and the media, so it is understandable if a bit of work has to go into altering these beliefs. Again, visualization and affirmations can help to release those limiting ideas.

Start making plans. Set yourself some goals like this:

Research your preferred occupation. Find out what options are available to you. Do you need more training? Can you do something with it on a part-time basis?

Take some small steps. Network with people who are doing what you want to be doing. A surprising number of people will be willing to guide and mentor if they see a real interest being shown. Join a club, association, support group, union, organization, any sort of group that is involved in what you want to be involved with.

Make a new budget. Practice with monetary possibilities to see where you can initially cut back on expenses until you get going in your new endeavor. Talk with your family to find out how they can support you.

The important thing is to start making it happen. Show the Universe that you are serious about living a life that brings you joy and it will then support you.

Here is a wonderful wealth building mantra for your prosperity destiny and vision for expressing your gifts and talents.

"The more I express who I am the more abundant and happy I am."