Prosperity Destiny: Miracle in the Making

As I have already stated in other articles, I was taught as a counselor to enter every session expecting a miracle. I learned this lesson well, discovering that human consciousness is extremely fertile when it comes to creating or allowing miracles. I found that the expectation of miracles in many aspects of life reduced the "unattainability" of them, bringing the experience of real life, honest-to-God miracles into the realm of everyday happenings.

One of our local New Age/Spiritual bookstores gives away bookmarks which proclaim, "Expect a Miracle," or "I am expecting a miracle, and miracles are happening for me and for you".

Purists may complain that if miracles are occuring on a regular basis, then they no longer qualify as true miracles. Perhaps they are remarkable coincidences or natural happenings of the earth. I submit that miracles are exactly what they are stated to be by Webster. "An extraordinary event manifesting Divine Intervention in human affairs". When we choose to expect a miracle, we are saying that we allow the Divine to intervene in our lives in an extraordinary way.

Perhaps what is so remarkable about this is not that the Divine would cooperate, but that we would cease controlling every aspect of our lives long enough to allow such intervention.

What I find entertaining and enlightening about miracle consciousness, is that it needn't make any sense at all. Miracles don't have to be logical, there is no requirement that they build upon previously existing conditions, or satisfy some set of material universe 'rules'. Someone can be healed of a terminal disease without medicine or surgery, a poverty-stricken family can win a lottery, family members who have been separated for years can suddenly find each other when they are most needed. None of these events have to make logical 'sense'.

Miracle consciousness is a simple expectation that a miracle can occur for you today. Let it.


"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."

-- Norman Vincent Peale