Free Will: Extending Trust and Gratefulness

In the fall we traditionally enjoy the harvest of the fields and symbolically, the fruits of our labors. Ideally, this is a time to celebrate abundance and the gains from our free will choices.

Whether or not we feel that we have enough wealth and riches to celebrate, it is still important to recognize that whatever we are experiencing, is indeed, our harvest from the choices we have made through our own free will. We are living the harvest of earlier ideas that we have sown, nurtured and brought to fruition through the power of our actions and thoughts. These ideas may be negative and denigrating, or they may be positive and life-affirming, but we are right now, reaping what we have sown.

For many of us, we may attribute a slender harvest to whether or not the Universe believes that we are worthy or deserving of an abundant harvest. This is a "fruitless" approach (pun intended). Practicing manifestation techniques will be ineffective for you if you choose to believe that there is a cosmic popularity contest going on. Instead, the real contest is within your own heart and mind. Do you believe in yourself enough to know that you are worthy and deserving? Because whatever your answer is, that is what you will draw to you. The fact that this manifestation is so flexible is one of the proofs of free will and of a benevolent creator. We are allowed to create our lives in accordance with our beliefs. This includes the experience of love and support (or not) from our Creator.

We are experiencing our harvest right now. I think that this is a lovely thought, and very empowering. This is especially true if we are willing to stop criticizing what we may perceive as lack in our lives and learn to trust in our good intentions that have been backed by clear action. Make a choice to be grateful for the good that exists instead. We all have some sort of good of which we can be grateful. This good is our harvest of abundance, what we have created in our lives to enjoy. As we focus on this good we will automatically attract more good, as what we focus on, we tend to magnetize into our lives.

There truly is a cornucopia of good that is available to each and every one of us. Let us accept and celebrate our abundant harvest today. Allow your prosperity destiny and vision to reap the many seeds you sow, just as this motivating quote illustrates:

"With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see."

-- Ella Wheeler Wilcox