Becoming Financially Free: Take Action, then Let it Go!

An often missing step in our wealth building tactics is that of release. As discussed in previous wealth building articles, when we are too attached to the results of our prosperity work, we can unintentionally sabotage ourselves. It is necessary to do our building wealth mantras and affirmations along with our visualizations. Then we need to let it go in order to create results. A common metaphor for this, is sowing a seed and then periodically pulling it up out of the ground to see how well it is growing. No growth can happen unless we leave it alone. Imagine someone paying you well for a service well done, then you keep going back and doing the same work over and over. Not very productive.

There are other ways in which the concept of release is very helpful. Releasing our attachment and worry about old financial pain and loss is a good one. So often we will hold onto mistakes, betrayals or old difficulties in our fiscal lives, not realizing that this magnetizes more experiences of the same sort to us. We must look at our current financial status as a fresh slate, a whole new way of thinking about wealth building, making money, and lifestyle ambitions. We must realize that new rules are applicable now, that the same old problems no longer have a place in our lives and that the fresh energy that we are surrounding ourselves with is what is bringing about a fresh result.

We see the reverse of this phenomenon all the time. Look around and see the people who continue doing the same old things, working the same job, spending their money the same way, yet expecting a different result. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way. The old behaviors and assumptions are what produce the old results and won't create financial freedom. New behaviors and attitudes must necessarily produce fresh results. We have to let go of the old in order to implement the new.

Forgiveness is another example of releasing. Holding onto old bitterness leaves no room to receive new good. If you can't forgive the person who you feel "did you wrong", then let them go. Visualize them floating off in a hot air balloon or sailing off into the sunset. Free them from your life. Even if this is someone who owes you, who is in debt to you, let them go. Metaphysically, this frees both of you and the odds of you eventually receiving what is owed are substantially increased. You see, if you are clutching this person and your bad feelings towards them to you, there is no space for circulation. Money must circulate you know.

Allow yourself the freedom of letting go, of releasing anything which no longer serves you. Allow fresh and new life energy to flow through you. Then stand back and watch prosperity flower.

Here is a new mantra for helping build wealth and instilling your prosperity vision and destiny:

"Since the universe is abundant, I am attracting resources to pay me well for the work I love to do each and every day."