Wealth Building: Finding Net Worth in Self-Worth

There's a direct relationship between prosperity and wealth building and how good we feel about ourselves. It can be truly remarkable what a poor opinion we may be carrying around about ourselves, often without even realizing it. Worrying about not having enough is a clue. If it seems that we will just never be able to make our financial goals, or that it is hard even to visualize ourselves as wealthy and rich, then low self-esteem is probably interfering.

We can easily see that when we feel proud of ourselves, satisfied with our accomplishments, and content with our inner being, we can accept prosperity. But if we are constantly questioning ourselves, doubting our contribution to the world, or feeling incompetent, we are unlikely to really expect much in return.

Does this mean that we have to become masters of attainment or egocentric buffoons?


This is where the therapeutic techniques of metaphysics come in.

Visualize yourself as worthy. Embody that visualization until you can see it, feel it, smell it and taste it. Activate your imagination.

Affirm the reality of your positive state of being as already being in effect. "I am (not, "I want to be...")a highly competent and successful person all of the time."

Meditate. Contemplate the spiritual truth of your being as a perfect divine expression.

Your net worth is a very clear reflection of what you perceive your self-worth to be. Too often we have the sequence backwards. It is not "My self-worth will rise when my net worth does." Rather, it is the reverse, "My net worth will rise when my self-worth does."

Here is a wonderful wealth building mantra to help in building wealth and becoming your prosperity destiny and vision:

"As I am visualizing and meditating on my self worth, I happily watch my net worth increase."