Helping Build Wealth Wisdom: Polarity Thinking: Poor vs Wealthy

There is much misunderstanding of the polarity between the wealthy and the poor and it impacts our prosperity destiny and vision. Poverty, or scarcity attitudes are viewed with a great deal of hypocrisy, and apparently this has been true throughout history. Although many religious systems pay tribute to the holiness of the poor, encourage us to care for them, and tell us to treat them with respect, in practice this rarely occurs. Instead, when we are feeling less than prosperous, we often feel shamed and guilty. If we are feeling prosperous we may feel judgmental and intolerant towards those who are not.

These are the behaviors and attitudes towards a sinful or inherently "wrong" way of being or living. We tend to feel that those who are prosperous are in some way "graced" or blessed, therefore demonstrating a belief that prosperity is holy or sacred.

There's so much conflict in human society and within ourselves on this topic, that it makes one wonder what the kernel of truth is within it.

I submit that building wealth and prosperity does come from a state of grace, albeit one that each of us is entitled to. In metaphysics we understand that our attitude largely determines our circumstances. Therefore if we believe ourselves to be "lacking" in some way, less than deserving, not quite as whole or wonderful or special in some way, we will manifest this belief in our lives. We manifest it as lack.

The wealthy are often criticized for being arrogant or thinking that they are better than the common man. Uh huh. Perhaps this perception is a filtered one, coming from the belief that we are not allowed to think well of ourselves, that we are "supposed to" believe that we are less than we want to be. Well, metaphysically this idea carries the natural consequence of having less. Those who are not so encumbered by this belief of needing to believe that they are insufficient, need not demonstrate a lack of sufficiency.

Poverty and lack are misconceptions of our own creation. When we are willing to take the leap of faith in believing that we are worthy, capable, and deserving then we will be able to take the types of actions to build the level of wealth that makes us comfortable and happy. Our prosperity destiny and the vision necessary to take creative actions toward wealth building is much easier.

To help release any polarity thinking your may have here is a mantra to help with your wealth building ambition.

"Since being rich is neither good or bad my preference is to have the wisdom to have it all."